Fortnite V21.50 Patch Notes

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Fortnite V21.50 Patch Notes

These Fortnite V21.50 Patch notes cover all the changes, including the Shadow of the Phantasm Week!

The latest Fortnite patch has hit the game after a bit of a wait. We’re at the tail end of the season, with more eyes on what’s coming next with C3 Season 4 than each update. However, Epic still has a few tricks up in their sleeve for Season 3. The Fortnite V21.50 Patch is kicking off Shadow of the Phantasm Week. There are exclusive quests. Along with unvaulting some of Fortnite’s weirder items and some of the most fun guns in the game.

This is what’s changed in the newest Fortnite patch and what there is to check out for the next few weeks.

Fortnite V21.50 Patch Notes

Shadow of the Phantasm Week

The update is going to be kicking off a brief in-game event called Shadow of Phantasm Week. This is going to be a series of quests you can play in the game. There will also be some in-game items making a return to Battle Royale, though. Items are getting unvaulted, while there’s nothing new it’s always fun to rediscover some of Fortnite’s older content.

Shadow of the Phantasm is bringing back the suppressed weapons along with some throwable items. Its content is coming back to the main pubs games. But also in competitive. FNCS is over for the season. However, it’s still strange to see weekly events getting put into Arena, although it might have more to do with the exact picks for returning weapons rather than a change in direction from Epic.

This event isn’t just returning items. You’re also going to see special quests hitting the game.  These are going to be time limited. You’ll have specific missions to compete to rack up XP, as long as you can finish them in time. The quests will be based around the unvaulted items but there will be some general questlines to complete. This is great for getting through the bonus rewards in the Battle Pass even as the weekly and Vibin quests run out.

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Unvaulted items in Fortnite V21.50 Patch Notes

The unvaulted items for the Shadow of the Phantasm event include some of the more fun inclusions in Fortnite’s loot pool. These are the unvaulted items:

  • Suppressed Assault Rifle
  • Suppressed SMG
  • Shadow Bombs
  • Shield Bubbles

The suppressed weapons are always a fun addition. Since the game got on-screen sound effects, they make a big difference in how it plays. These items will particularly be fun in Arena which might explain why this event is coming to all areas of the game.

Shadow bombs are an odd inclusion, and shield bubbles are going to be fun. These new items will be available in all the normal places. There’s floor loot, chests, and supply drops.

Dragon Ball Items

Fortnite V21.50 Patch Notes

The Dragon Ball event has come to an end, after a hugely popular run. However, it isn’t all over. The game isn’t getting rid of everything brought in for the crossover. The Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud are going to be sticking around for a little while. They might even be staying until the end of the season if Epic isn’t removing them with the rest of the content. However, they won’t be as common while the Dragon Ball theming has gotten cut down.

The items have been a lot of fun, especially the Nimbus cloud. Keeping them around is going to keep things interesting over the remainder of the season. It’s a bit loot pool though. With so many unvaultings and limited-time items like these sticking around, things are looking packed in-game at the moment.

Imposters Game Modes Vaulted

Fortnite V21.50 Patch Notes

The Imposters game mode has been vaulted with this update! This was a weird inclusion in Fortnite that always felt a bit off. It was Fortnite’s pretty shameless Among Us mode. It functioned basically the same. For a while, Epic was pushing this game mode hard with quests and unique rewards. It had some fans, but it did always feel a bit weird how much this LTM was featured. Epic seemed to treat it like a full third mode alongside Battle Royale and Save the World, and not the Among Us creative map it was.

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The Imposters game mode is getting vaulted with the Fortnite V21.50 patch. It might come back in the future. However, for now, Epic is ‘focusing on Battle Royale’.

Late Game Arena Unvaulted in Fortnite V21.50 Patch

Fortnite V21.50 Patch NotesImposters is going, but one of Fortnite’s most popular modes is coming back, as late Game Arena mode is unvaulted with the Fortnite V21.50 patch. This is a mode that was originally introduced with the Bugha skin. It became incredibly popular, though. It’s an official version of one of the most popular training and warmup modes out there.

Late Game Arena aims to replicate a realistic late-game setting. This is hard to practice outside of endless grinding. It’s a useful mode. However, it does have a few quirks here though.

Players spawn in a pre-selected loadout. This cuts out the grinding. It’s random, but mainly high-tier loot and enough mats to survive a stacked last circle. This game mode isn’t always beholden to what’s currently in competitive either, different items can make an appearance even if they aren’t in the loot pool.

Players drop in via a rift with a short amount of time to grab a landing spot. The circle is already in its final stages. The circle stages work quicker here too, there is less than a minute before the first circle starts to move. Late Game Arena is a lot of fun and some of the most intense action that’s possible in Fortnite.

Other Changes in the Fortnite V21.50 Patch Notes

Those are all of the big changes in the Fortnite patch. However, there are more alterations including the end of Zero Build Arena. This is getting replaced with the late game for a little while. We don’t know if it’s a permanent change, but for now, Zero Builds is returning to casual pubs only.

The other major change are just bug fixes. These are addressing some of the more annoying problems in the game right now. Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is kicking off soon so it’s likely to be one of the last few major updates before the game moves on. Those last-minute quests are a great chance to finish off your Battle pass though!

Fortnite V21.50 Patch Notes
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