Fortnite: Two-Time FNCS Champion Reet Joins TSM FTX

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Fortnite: Two-Time FNCS Champion Reet Joins TSM FTX

NA West superstar Reet is no longer a free agent and has joined TSM FTX.

Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 Season 8 Champion Nathan “Reet” Amundson unexpectedly hit the free-agent market following his resignation from XTRA Gaming. The now-defunct organization saw top Fortnite players such as Reet and Deyy exit and start their quest to find a new home. Fresh off of back-to-back FNCS wins, Reet became the hottest commodity in competitive Fortnite.

Today, the outstanding controller player revealed that he agreed to terms with TSM FTX, who recently re-entered Fortnite after releasing its entire roster. He now joins NA East player Co1azo and four-time FNCS runner-up Josh “Commandment” Roach as TSM FTX's latest content creator and competitive player.

TSM FTX Welcomes Reet to the Team

Reet's initial post regarding his commitment to an organization created a buzz around which he could have joined. FaZe Clan, NRG Esports, and 100 Thieves were in the discussion. Not many predicted Reet to sign with TSM FTX, but that came to fruition earlier today.

The organization posted a two-minute Twitter video welcoming Reet to the TSM FTX family with countless montage-worthy clips and a brief introduction. When asked how he feels about joining the organization, he said, “It's pretty cool. TSM is a great org. I used to have TSM in my name like way back in Season 4 when I was a big fan of Daequan but being the youngest player is crazy. I didn't really think about that.” He added that his goal is to bring home an FNCS title with TSM in his name.

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The Rise of a Superstar

Considering his success across the last two seasons, Reet likely continues winning the Axe of Champions in 2022. The NA West player dethroned four-time FNCS Champions Arkhram, Rehx and EpikWhale in Chapter 2 Season 8, to claim his first major victory. He then joined Arkhram and EpikWhale to win the year-ending FNCS Grand Royale.

There is no limit to what Reet can accomplish in the future of competitive Fortnite. While Reet's recently become an important name in the scene, he's been winning tournaments since Chapter 2 Season 1. Reet's career accolades include ten FNCS Final appearances and multiple Solo Cash Cup wins across different regions. Beyond competing, the talented controller player streams on Twitch to an average of 2K viewers and possesses more than 260K Twitter followers.

It seems TSM FTX is investing in more than just Reet the player. The content-focused organization will be happy to know that Reet streams every tournament. He’ll look to collect more FNCS Championships alongside duo partner Rehx in 2022.

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