TSM Re-Enters Fortnite, Welcomes Co1azo To Roster

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TSM Re-Enters Fortnite, Welcomes Co1azo To Roster

TSM returns to competitive Fortnite with a North American controller player.

Professional esports organization TSM exited competitive Fortnite nearly two months ago after letting go of three top competitors. While many thought this was the end for TSM Fortnite, the North America-based brand merely took a hiatus from the popular Battle Royale title. TSM’s Twitter account tweeted out a teaser yesterday, hinting that the organization would reveal something Fortnite-related soon. That tease came to fruition today as TSM officially signed professional player Co1azo and re-entered the competitive scene.

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TSM Co1azo

Some figures in the know predicted Co1azo would sign with TSM, especially after the organization’s cryptic tweet yesterday. A video went live on the brand’s YouTube channel, which served as a welcome for Co1azo, and for the player to explain his background in Fortnite. He declared his excitement to join TSM after a short compilation of Fortnite gameplay. Co1azo becomes the third active competitive player on the TSM roster, following fellow veterans Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro and Sardar “Ops” Ghafoor, who survived TSM’s brief exit. He brings an impressive following on Twitch alongside some of the best controller skills in all of Fortnite.

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Who is Co1azo?

The 22-year-old has been on the scene since 2019. He flew under the radar until Fortnite Chapter 2, where his name value started to rise. Some notable accomplishments include being a two-time Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Finalist and claiming first-place in an FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 5 Qualifier. Perhaps Co1azo’s most impressive asset is his dedication to Twitch as a content creator. He streams ten hours per day on average with over 6k active subscribers.

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Co1azo’s Twitch presence brought him a lot of recognition, which undoubtedly put him on TSM’s radar. The 22-year-old immense upside despite not earning any significant Fortnite tournament victories. Co1azo hopes to bring home his first title under the TSM banner, where historical players like ZexRow, Vinny1x and Myth established themselves as content creators and top competitors in Fortnite. Regardless, Co1azo brings enough value to TSM with his Twitch devotion.

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