Fortnite: TSM Mutually Parts Ways With Khanada

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Fortnite: TSM Mutually Parts Ways With Khanada

Khanada is now a free agent after departing from TSM.

Team SoloMid mutually parted ways with professional Fortnite player Leon “Khanada” Khim, both parties confirmed. After signing with the popular esports organization eight months ago, Khanada remained a top player in the Fortnite scene. Under TSM, the NA East competitor reached four straight Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Finals. Despite his continued success, Team SoloMid and Khanada decided to go their separate ways. The young Fortnite superstar is now a free agent.

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TSM Statement

The organization took to Twitter with the official announcement regarding their mutual split with Khanada.

“Today we've agreed to mutually part ways with @Khanada. Thank you for everything you've done over the last 8 months. We wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors, and good luck with your next team,” the statement read.

Although TSM released no further details, Twitch recently upheld Khanada's ban, which the website initially issued in September. Neither party referred to the discipline amidst Khanada's departure from the organization, but it could have factored into TSM's decision. The former Team SoloMid player issued a brief statement addressing the situation. “Mutually split it was fun while it lasted,” the young Fortnite competitor said.

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What's Next for Khanada?

Khanada just became the most desirable free agent in the competitive Fortnite scene. He recently won the 1% Cup with his duo partner and former TSM teammate Mack “MackWood” Aesoph and took first place in two consecutive Trio Cash Cup tournaments. The 14-year-old's past accomplishments in the Fortnite Champion Series, DreamHack and Cash Cups are challenging to overlook. It's no secret that Khanada's confidence and trash talk are a significant part of his presence in Fortnite, but brazen personalities come with the territory. There is no shortage of organizations that would welcome Khanada.

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