Fortnite: Khanada Confirms That Twitch Will Uphold His Ban

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Fortnite: Khanada Confirms That Twitch Will Uphold His Ban

Khanada loses Twitch appeal for the September ban.

Professional Fortnite player for Team SoloMid, Leon “Khanada” Khim, will not stream on Twitch anytime soon, he confirmed on Twitter. After receiving a ban on the platform in September, Khanada continued to compete in tournaments. All the while, he endured Twitch's confusing appeal process, which some streamers have overcome in the past. Unfortunately, that was not the case for one of TSM's brightest stars. Twitch Support's response to him indicates he may have received a permanent ban.

Khanada Potentially Banned for Life

The Team SoloMid player released a screenshot of Twitch's response to his appeal.

“Your account is indefinitely suspended due to repeated or severe Terms of Service or Communuty Guidelines violations,” the message reads. “We do not unsuspend accounts for this level of abuse.”

Twitch has an odd history of issuing discipline, and most cases are challenging to understand. The website's initial reason for banning Khanada was due to the Fortnite player “making threats.” However, the young competitor claimed it was merely trash talk. It's an unfortunate circumstance for Khanada, who has no choice but switch platforms. His pre-ban viewership exceeded most other professional Fortnite players, so it's a massive hit. His Twitter response read, “GGS not getting unbanned going to move on off this then and see what I can do on other platforms.”

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Where Will Khanada Stream Next?

With Twitch standing their ground, Khanada's top two options are YouTube and Facebook Gaming. Both websites offer different perks, but YouTube is the clear second option behind Twitch, which might be his next move. Khanada currently maintains over 134K YouTube subscribers, so he at least has his footing there. Not many top-rated pro Fortnite players steam on YouTube either. There are some definite perks from the TSM player's perspective, but starting from scratch is never a fun experience.

It will be interesting to see where Khanada lands down the line. He's a multiple-time Fortnite tournament champion, with a full season of content and competitions ahead of him and some semblance of an audience. Perhaps he could thrive on a different website. This situation is undoubtedly a learning lesson for all Fortnite players who stream on Twitch. Tournaments and wagers often escalate to insults and trash talk. Khanada walked a line he might not have recognized, and steamers should take note to avoid potential discipline.

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