Fortnite: Streamer Reaches Champion League With Rail Gun In 12 Hours

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Fortnite: Streamer Reaches Champion League With Rail Gun In 12 Hours

Multiple Fortnite world record holder vyse_domo showcased the overpowered Rail Gun in Arena Mode.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 introduced many new weapons into Battle Royale mode for players to enjoy. However, none of them gained as much attention and notoriety as the Rail Gun. It did not take very long for players to recognize the Rail Gun’s power. This debuting laser beam rifle possesses the ability to deal damage through fully built structures. Only the most efficient players could avoid its wrath, and even then, the Rail Gun would inevitably find its target.

The competitive Fortnite scene, in particular, feared the Rail Gun. Its presence in Arena Mode made games unpredictable. Epic Games soaked in the feedback and ultimately decided to remove the Rail Gun from competitive game modes. Just before doing so, a Twitch streamer named vyse_domo reached the highest Arena Mode rank using only the now-removed weapon.

Reaching Champions Using Only a Rail Gun

World records in Fortnite Battle Royale do not receive as much attention nowadays. If they did, vyse_domo would be on the front cover of the “Guinness Book of Fortnite Records,” if that existed. His YouTube channel features several unthinkable challenges completed in ranked Arena Mode. This year, vyse_domo made it to Champion League using only a sniper and has since added many more accomplishments.

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The content creator’s Rail Gun achievement grades below the rest in terms of difficulty, mainly because the weapon is ridiculous. Regardless, the video serves as an accurate representation of its power. Combined with the Recon Scanner — another new item this season — vyse dominated his way to Fortnite’s highest rank. The feat took only 12 hours. To put that in perspective, most Fortnite players take weeks to reach the Champion League.

Rail Gun Vaulted

It’s worth considering that perhaps vyse’s record-setting performance was the final nail in the coffin for the Rail Gun. Epic Games vaulted the Rail Gun and the Recon Scanner mere hours after the post gained steam on the competitive Fortnite subreddit.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on what vyse does next as he continues his quest to break more Fortnite records!

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