Fortnite Season 7: Professional Players Call For Rail Gun Removal

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Fortnite Season 7: Professional Players Call For Rail Gun Removal

A new weapon in Fortnite’s latest season has professional players worried.

Epic Games returned to form with Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 with many new weapons to learn and landscapes to explore. From the outset, the season has all the makings of an exciting endeavor from a content standpoint. There are flyable UFOs, new non-player characters (NPCs) and much more that would excite YouTube viewers worldwide. Unfortunately, however, casual Fortnite matches and items typically do not translate well to the competitive side.

From the competitive side, the developers kept the Pump Shotgun around and brought Launch Pads back into the fold. However, Fortnite’s tournament scene never shies away from its opinion about the game’s landscape. In history, the mech suits from Season X, Mythic weapons from Chapter 2 - Season 2 and Primal Shotgun from Chapter 2 - Season 5 are just a few reference points that led to a communal outcry. While Chapter 2 - Season 7 seems promising, a certain futuristic weapon has competitive players concerned, considering it deals a lot of damage through fully built structures.

The Rail Gun in Chapter 2 - Season 7

Exhibit A is one of the multiple clips that have surfaced since the new season began. In this case, a Reddit user posted their unfortunate run-in with an opponent wielding the Rail Gun, a new powerful laser rifle this season. The brief clip depicts the player healing themself while in a built structure. His adversary then fires a shot from the Rail Gun, which breaks through his builds and immediately ends his in-game life.

The scene has taken issue with the Rail Gun for this precise reason. It can deal a minimum of between 85 and 94 damage through walls, depending on the rarity. It’s also a commonly found weapon on the map, which makes matters worse. The Rail Gun is essentially a more robust version of the Heavy Sniper and would become an absolute must to have if Epic decides not to either nerf or remove it altogether.

Benjyfishy Displays the Rail Gun’s True Potential

In perhaps the most viral clip of Season 7 so far, professional player Benjy “NRG benjyfishy” Fish showcased himself dominating with the weapon. The 30-second clip has over 300K views and depicts Benjy wreaking havoc in solo matches using a combination of the Rail Gun and Recon Scanner. With both tools, benjyfishy can easily headshot his opponents through walls. The top European player made the perfect case as to why the Rail Gun is problematic in competitive Fortnite.

What’s the Solution?

Epic Games needs to address this weapon before competitive tournaments begin. The FNCS All-Star Showdown is rapidly approaching, and the Rail Gun has taken on a life of its own. Without a massive adjustment, it’s challenging to see a positive outcome from high-stakes competitions. The best option for Epic is to do away with the Rail Gun or make it unable to deal damage through walls. Until then, we’ll have to see if anyone can develop a solid counter for one of the most potent Fortnite weapons in recent history.

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