Fortnite Season 7: All NPC Locations

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Fortnite Season 7: All NPC Locations

Find out the location of all NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7.

The alien invasion in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 has begun. It should come as no surprise that Epic Games kept many secrets to themselves, which made much of the latest update unexpected. New alien weapons, flyable UFOs and new locations are just a few of the differences between Season 5 and 6. However, some aspects remained the same or a tad different.

Epic Games made the conscious decision to keep non-player characters (NPCs) around this season, albeit much fewer than before. Nonetheless, knowing where these characters spawn can be helpful information. All of them hand out free items and offer quests in exchange for gold. Let’s outline the Season 7 map and see where all 16 of these characters appear.

All NPC Locations in Season 7

The underrated content creator, known on Twitter as meetlootllama, came through in the clutch with a comprehensive list. Readers looking to track down a specific NPC should refer to the map above. As previously stated, there are 16 in total and some of which are new characters from this season’s Battle Pass. Keep in mind, there are supposed to be 17, but one appears to be glitched.

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Here is a written list of each NPC’s name and corresponding locations:

  • Bunker Jonesy – Lumber Lodge
  • Swamp Stalker – Dampy Dish
  • Riot – Yellow Steel Bridge
  • Special Forces – East or Catty Corner
  • Marigold – Lazy Lake
  • Rick Sanchez – Defiant Dish
  • Abstrakt – Retail Row
  • Dreamflower – Flopper Pond
  • Bushranger – North of Zero Point
  • Sunny – Believer Beach
  • Guggimon – Lockie’s Lighthouse
  • Maven – Dinky Dish
  • Doctor Slone – Corny Complex
  • Hayseed – Steel Farm
  • Joey – Dirty Docks
  • Rook – Dockside Dish

Each character offers different perks such as prop disguises, rifts and supply drops. Others like Riot are aggressive and will attack unprovoked. The NPCs can come in handy occasionally, but there are far fewer than in previous seasons. We’ll be sure to update this article as more characters potentially join the fold.

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