Fortnite Star Benjyfishy Joins Team Heretics for VCT EMEA

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Fortnite Star Benjyfishy Joins Team Heretics for VCT EMEA

Team Heretics signs renowned former Fortnite player Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish to their Valorant roster for the upcoming VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier

Team Heretics has announced an exciting development in their Valorant roster, as they have secured the services of Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish, a highly respected player who made his mark in the Fortnite community. This signing comes as Team Heretics prepares for the highly anticipated VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier tournament.

Benjyfishy, known for his exceptional skills as a British Fortnite player, rose to prominence in 2018 and garnered significant attention for his prowess in the game. His remarkable talent led to him signing with NRG Esports in 2019, establishing himself as one of the top Fortnite players in the world. However, seeking new challenges, benjyfishy made the decision to transition to Valorant in 2022.

e tournament with renewed determination. The addition of benjyfishy to their roster adds a new layer of anticipation and intrigue, leaving fans and analysts eager to witness how his unique playstyle and strategic approach merge with the existing team dynamics.


Fortnite Star Benjyfishy Joins Team Heretics for VCT EMEA Credit: Tean Heretics, benjyfishy, Valorant

Initially joining NRG as a content creator for their Valorant team, benjyfishy soon discovered his passion for competitive play and made the bold choice to pursue a professional career in the game. In December of the same year, he departed NRG and joined Enterprise Esports for the Challengers East: Surge tournament. Throughout the competition, benjyfishy demonstrated his skills and played a crucial role in his team's qualification for the VCT EMEA Ascension Play-In tournament.

Team Heretics, despite facing challenges in the VCT EMEA, finishing in eighth place and encountering roster complications, remains determined to strengthen their lineup for future tournaments. With this in mind, they have successfully acquired benjyfishy, recognizing his exceptional talent, dedication, and potential to significantly impact the team's performance.

With the VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier on the horizon, all eyes will be on Team Heretics as they enter th


The VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier represents a crucial opportunity for Team Heretics to prove their worth and secure a spot in prestigious tournaments on the international stage. With benjyfishy now a part of their lineup, the team aims to refine their strategies, foster strong synergy, and elevate their gameplay to secure victory and continue their journey in the highly competitive Valorant scene.

As the tournament approaches, fans and esports enthusiasts eagerly await the showdown, excited to witness the remarkable talent of benjyfishy alongside the rest of Team Heretics as they strive for success in the VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier.

Fortnite Star Benjyfishy Joins Team Heretics for VCT EMEA
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