Fortnite: Should Snipers Be Removed From Competitive?

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Fortnite: Should Snipers Be Removed From Competitive?

Professional Fortnite players are up-in-arms about the number and impact of sniper rifles.

Sniper rifles in competitive Fortnite have been a hot topic through many iterations and seasons of the game. Although a staple in multiple esports titles, Fortnite is a bit different. One crucial headshot snipe can swing momentum in team matches unlike any other item currently in Fortnite. Whether it be for Storm Surge damage or much-needed eliminations, snipers are a focal point. This has led many professional players to campaign for removing or decreasing sniper rifle spawns in competitive matches.

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Benjyfishy Recommends a Sniper Spawn Decrease

The multiple-time Fortnite tournament winner, Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish, is one of many who adamantly believes that snipers are a detriment. Considering his status in the scene, it's worth exploring his beliefs. He took to Twitter with a brief assessment of Fortnite's current meta in Chapter 2 – Season 5. “if they make snipers rarer and add green/blue pump Fortnite would be perfect no joke,” he said. The Pump Shotgun is Fortnite's holy grail and one that top-level competitors believe should be a staple, whereas the Sniper Rifle isn't.

Countless professional players beyond Benjy identify with his way of thinking. Regardless of how talented an individual is, no one can protect themselves from a headshot snipe. One perfectly placed bullet can instantly turn one team's game from an excellent finish to an absolute dud. It's impossible to ignore sniper rifles, particularly in solo matches, where a competitor's entire match could be over in the blink of an eye under the wrong circumstances. The number of sniper rifles in games has led others to ask Epic for a spawn reduction.

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What's the Answer to Sniper Rifles?

Professional Fortnite player Nate “Kreo” Kou, who placed fourth at the inaugural World Cup, has an interesting solution for the perceived sniper issue. “So many people's grand finals are gonna be ruined by snipers, they should only be epic and legendary @FNCompetitive,” he wrote on Twitter. The problem does not lie within Legendary and Epic snipers because those are generally hard to find. Rare snipers are so commonly located and can easily swing momentum in a given match. Epic could also consider reducing Rare sniper rifles' spawn rate or just removing them entirely from the loot pool.

There isn't a clear answer, but professional players are unhappy with the overabundance of snipers in competitive Fortnite. However, will Epic hear and make a necessary change? We'll have to wait until next season. Perhaps the new Arena Mode pre-season will give players the chance to voice their concerns regarding snipers.

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