Fortnite: Shakedown Mechanic Exploit Causes Another FNCS Ban

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Fortnite: Shakedown Mechanic Exploit Causes Another FNCS Ban

Two cases have emerged where players received discipline from Epic Games for avoiding an in-game mechanic.

Less than 24 hours ago, Epic Games issued a two-week ban to an entire European team for manipulating the same in-game shakedown mechanic. This feature allows an opposing team to “interrogate” and reveal the location of the opposition. Multiple-time Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) finalists Toose, Putrick and Znappy are the latest to fall victim to Epic Games’ ban hammer. Despite only one player executing the exploit, all three players will now have to sit out the FNCS Semi-Finals and Grand Finals, where they stood to win a piece of over $1M USD. The former week three qualifiers have been removed from the leaderboard and have received an official disciplinary notice in-game.

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Toose, Putrick and Znappy Banned for 14 Days

Professional Fortnite player Putrick of the Na’Vi organization took to Twitter with the disheartening news. “im f**king crying man how it possible,” he said. It appears that Toose broke the rule, yet Putrick and Znappy received equal punishment. The top-ranked trio understandably took issue with Epic, even though the discipline seems warranted. Competitive rules cite that intentional game disconnection would result in a penalty. However, there has not been a consistent pattern until now.

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Epic is Now Strictly Enforcing Rules, Could More Follow?

The developers are seemingly cracking down on this specific rule break. Weirdly enough, Fortnite World Cup runner-up Dave “Rojo” Jong broke the same shakedown rule last week without punishment. Additionally, footage surfaced of Th0masHD leaving a match before an opponent could shake him down. If Epic continues its run of discipline, that would mean Rojo’s teammates nyhrox and Kura would receive a 14-day ban, as would Th0masHD’s teammates Flikk and Anas. As of now, none of the players listed have communicated a Fortnite ban on Twitter or otherwise.

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