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Fortnite Season 7: “No Gravity Biome” Could Be Coming Soon

The Fortnite Secret Star Loading Screen from Season 10 featuring a character using the Junk Rift item to summon a triceratops through the glass of a biome
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Leaks indicated Epic’s plans to introduce a new zero gravity biome in Fortnite’s latest season.

Fortnite has had its fair share of unique and peculiar map locations over the last four years. Players have experienced significant landscape changes from one season to another in Chapter 1, while the core locations in Chapter 2 have mainly remained the same. There’s no denying Epic Games’ ability to develop new concepts that get players talking.

The release of Chapter 2 - Season 7 featured a promising teaser the developers planned notable map changes throughout the next few months. Based on tweets from a reputable leaker in the scene, one of those new locations could be a “No Gravity” area, something that is a sure-fire callback to the old days of Fortnite.

No Gravity Zone Details

HYPEX — the person behind most relevant Fortnite leaks — took to Twitter with news that should excite fans of the game. He provided some intel, stating that Epic could be planning to create a No Gravity biome in Season 7. If continuity is worth anything, the reliable leaker recently detailed a mysterious mobility item that also reduces gravity. However, a new biome is something players have not seen regularly since Season X.

Additionally, the leaks included information about a crafting consumable and some potential sound clips of the zero gravity area. Given HYPEX’s history, there’s no reason to doubt his predictions for upcoming updates.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 is expected to end on September 12. That leaves plenty of time for Epic Games to alter the map and keep the game as fresh as can be, four years into its iconic debut. If the rumors hold, we can anticipate the new biome on a regular Tuesday patch.

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Featured Image: Epic Games

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