Fortnite: Scoring System Changed for Cash Cup Tournaments

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Fortnite: Scoring System Changed for Cash Cup Tournaments

Epic Games earns another win with the community after quickly changing its Cash Cup scoring system.

Fortnite recently received an overhaul for the often volatile Cash Cup tournaments. In the past, competitors would play Cash Cups over a four-hour window, and the person with the most points would claim a couple of thousand dollars. Epic Games came back a week ago and implemented a two-round system for both the Duo and Solo Cash Cups. Now, duo and solo players compete for three hours and need to place inside a certain threshold to qualify for the Cash Cup finals. Elation spread throughout the competitive Fortnite community. However, players quickly noticed that a new scoring system lent itself to an aggressive elimination-heavy method. Epic Games yet again granted the wishes of competitive players with an updated scoring system.

Eliminations Reduced from Four to Two Points

Beginning on May 7th for the Duos Cash Cup, eliminations are now worth two points instead of four. This sudden adjustment is likely due to the outcries of the competitive Fortnite community. The four-point elimination system does not provide much wiggle room for those players who are not fond of the “w-key” playstyle. The quick adjustment by the competitive Fortnite team balances out elimination and placement points equally. We can expect to see lower point totals than in the first week of the new Cash Cup format and scoring system.

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Turning a New Leaf

Epic Games has committed to a new path of bettering the competitive Fortnite product. In the past, the Fortnite developers were content with their scoring system and formats for cash prize tournaments. Unfortunately, a lot of the feedback from the competitive community fell on deaf ears. Over the last two weeks, Epic Games announced the FNCS Invitational, reformed Cash Cup tournaments and, most importantly, a roadmap for the future of competitive Fortnite.

It appears that Epic Games has completely reshaped their approach. It's a delight to see considering the recent history. Fortnite World Cup Champion Emil “nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen said it best, “epic is amazing right now, literally doing everything right by testing out different formats to make the best one possible.” Let's hope that the developers continue to listen and make the necessary adjustments to preserve Fortnite's competitiveness.

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