Fortnite: Reformed Duo and Solo Cash Cups to Debut on April 30

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Fortnite: Reformed Duo and Solo Cash Cups to Debut on April 30

Cash Cups are receiving a significant overhaul for future competitions!

Epic Games are turning the corner with their recent competitive Fortnite developments. First, they announced a $2M USD Fortnite Champion Series Invitational, which will feature past FNCS Champions and Open Qualifiers in the event. Now, after many months of player feedback, it appears that Cash Cups are returning with a new format and scoring system that professional players and fans should be excited to experience.

New Format with Qualifying Rounds

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The newest and most exciting feature of these reinvigorated Cash Cups is the presence of Open Qualifiers, which will limit their volatility. Fortnite's in-game compete tab features both a Duo and Solo Cash Cup with two rounds each per week. The first round in the reformed Duo Cash Cups will require a top-200 finish to qualify for round two. Duos can only win cash prizes should they reach round two and finish inside the top 25. The new format will reward consistency and smart play. Whereas before it rewarded teams who queued into ‘bot lobbies' and could rack up a massive amount of eliminations.

Solo Cash Cups moving forward will see the top 100 players in each region moving onto the second and final round to compete for prizes. These two new formats will ensure that the best players will be competing in the last session of each week's tournaments. Cash Cups are inching closer and closer to being actual tournaments as a result.

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New Scoring System for Duos

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A new scoring system will also go into effect beginning on April 30. Duos will now begin accumulating placement points at top-40. Placement points will fluctuate from there on up, and the Victory Royale is worth seven additional points. The winning duo per game will earn 41 points in total and four points per elimination. It is much different than before, where duos would previously secure one point per elimination, and placement points began at top-15. It appears that Epic Games is testing a few different scoring systems to see which will work best with Duo Cash Cups.

New Scoring System for Solos

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The solos scoring system will change completely from what we are used to seeing. Placement points in the past would begin at top-25, but this time around, placement points will start at top-75. Players can accumulate 32 points in total with a Victory Royale. They also will earn four points per elimination under this system. It is somewhat similar to the DreamHack scoring system, where placement began much earlier under the traditional competitive Fortnite scoring system.

Epic Games Listening to Feedback?

Epic Games has been under fire with their past approaches to competitive Fortnite. Cash Cups were less than ideal under the previous format. On top of that, the lack of communication with competitive players has caused a significant backlash from the collective community. This new format and scoring system is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. Players have been longing for competitive Cash Cup tournaments, and the new two-round approach does just that. The top-200 duos and top-100 solos each week will be some of the best in each region, which will make for outstanding content. The Cash Cup prize pools did not increase, but they don't need to with the upcoming FNCS Invitational and the redesigned weekly cups.

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