Epic Games Outlines Competitive Fortnite Roadmap into 2021

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Epic Games Outlines Competitive Fortnite Roadmap into 2021

Fortnite developers have laid out a future landscape of what fans and players can expect from a competitive standpoint.

Epic Games and, more importantly, competitive Fortnite received a clear picture of what fans and players can expect moving forward through 2020 and on into 2021. After some hiccups through the process, it appears that the Fortnite developers have heard the cries of its competitive community. Fortnite now has a clear roadmap for the future for both the players and the community.

Communication Communication Communication

Fortnite fans and players the world over have been left in the dark more often than not since the end of the Fortnite World Cup back in July of 2019. Epic Games has been under fire for nearly that entire period given their in-game choices and lack of communication with the community. As of today, the collective community can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the team behind competitive Fortnite has a plan for the future.

No World Cup in 2020

The biggest takeaway in terms of Fortnite as an esports spectacle is that Epic Games will not be holding a World Cup in 2020. This decision is unfortunate, but necessary given the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the entire world. Fortnite’s competitive team is hoping to see the return of “large, global in-person events” in 2021.


In one of the Tweets in regards to competitive Fortnite, the @FNCompetitive Twitter account states that the FNCS will continue with each passing season in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Thus far, we have seen trios, squads, duos and a solo $2M USD FNCS Invitational event, which will take place beginning this weekend. This announcement adds a whole new level of comfort and security for players who are often in the dark about competitive Fortnite’s future. The Tweet also says that Epic will continue to “iterate on formats to improve player experiences.”

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Cash Cups

Another Tweet in that series references the continuation of Cash Cups. For those unaware, Cash Cups are weekly tournaments that are available to all regions and feature thousands of dollars in cash prizes. Epic Games recently overhauled these Cash Cups to include a two-round format much to the delight of the competitive community. Epic Games has now guaranteed that Cash Cups will remain a staple in competitive Fortnite for the foreseeable future.

Third-Party Events

Epic Games did not have much to unravel with third-party events. However, it appears that they are enforcing online-only competition under the same stipulations as before. The Fortnite competitive team will also supposedly work with those who run these events in the future.

Broadcasts Return!

From a viewership perspective, the final piece of news might be the most exciting. Official Fortnite broadcasts will make their return this weekend to kick off the FNCS Invitational Open Qualifiers. The official Fortnite streams have been on hiatus since the conclusion of the Season X Championship. Many players and fans were clamoring for the return of a broadcast led by many of Fortnite’s most familiar faces. We can only hope that this means the return of Balla, MonsterDface, Sundown and maybe even casters like Dr. Lupo and CourageJD. It is exciting to see that Epic Games is coming back around on competitive Fortnite. They are finally giving fans exactly what they want.

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Return to Form

The entire competitive community finally received what they’ve been asking for since the end of Season X. Communication has always been a point of emphasis, and Epic Games almost always missed the mark. In a straightforward series of Tweets, competitive Fortnite now has a solidified future. We can soon expect a complete shift in tone that surrounds competitive Fortnite. The FNCS Invitational is only the beginning. Hopefully, we will see more offline events when the world returns to normal. Until then, Fortnite players around the world have a clear picture of what lies ahead.

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