Fortnite Redditor Reveals Traveling Shield Keg Healing Strategy

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Fortnite Redditor Reveals Traveling Shield Keg Healing Strategy

You might want to consider using this helpful mobile healing strategy in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

Fortnite Battle Royale’s primary subreddit often provides tips players can utilize to improve their in-game experience. While most strategies rarely remain a secret, they are usually worth working into your repertoire.

Today, we’ll look at an innovative use for Fortnite’s latest healing item — the Shield Keg. One Reddit user revealed a helpful technique to heal while driving in a vehicle. It could be a method worth considering as the Chapter 3 Season 1 meta continues developing.

Car + Shield Keg = Rolling Shield Regenerator

PSA: You can get shields while driving from FortNiteBR

Redditor ddman12 posted a simple Shield Keg strategy to save your life in future games. This player found that throwing a Shield Keg on a car heals those inside the vehicle while it’s in motion. Unlike using a Shield Potion or Mini Shield Potion, it requires no action buttons to make this happen.

That means you could fire at enemies while driving and healing simultaneously. Remember, the Shield Keg heals 150 shield, so this method would allow you to recover even if an enemy player is returning fire from outside the car. Techniques like this can be helpful in any game mode, which makes it a strategy worth utilizing this season.

Be sure to hop into Battle Royale mode and try this out for yourself. You can stack two Shield Kegs in your inventory at a time. With this method, rotating and restoring shield has never been easier.

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Source: FortniteBR Subreddit

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