Fortnite: How To Get The Shield Keg

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Fortnite: How To Get The Shield Keg

Hotfix v19.01 brings the all-new Shield Keg into Fortnite.

Fortnite Battle Royale continues to find new ways for players to experience the game seemingly every update. Following a successful Chapter 3 launch, the team at Epic has been enjoying their holiday break. We are now in 2022, and the developers have unearthed a long-awaited healing item that surfaced through leaks a few weeks back.

Starting today, Fortnite players have the chance to use the Shield Keg — a new item that heals Shield of those in the immediate area. Join us as we break down the statistics of the Shield Keg and how best to use it.

What is the Shield Keg?

Fortnite’s newest healing gadget is now available in-game and should stick around for the rest of Chapter 3 Season 1. Like Chug Splashes, the Shield Keg heals multiple people at a time by throwing it on the ground. The difference is that the Shield Keg only replenishes Shield over time. Refer to the video above for gameplay showcasing the new item.

Here is the Shield Keg’s complete stat line:

  • Max Stack: 2
  • Heals four Shield per second

Where to Find the Shield Keg

You can find the Shield Keg in Chests, Supply Drops and Floor Loot. Also, the Lt. John Llama and the Scientist non-player characters (NPCs) sell the item for 250 Gold Bars.

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The Shield Sprinkler is another example of Epic Games’ ability to innovate the same old healing concept we’ve seen before. Thankfully, this item should add more depth to Chapter 3 Season 1, and it is safe to say players will be carrying the Shield Keg if given a chance.

Check out Epic’s blog post for more information.

Feature Image: Epic Games

Update: This article was originally published using the Shield Keg's working title “Shield Sprinkler”

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