Fortnite Pro Player Saf Alleges TrainHard Esports Owes Him $70K

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Fortnite Pro Player Saf Alleges TrainHard Esports Owes Him $70K

Veteran Fortnite professional Saf (pictured left) says defunct esports organization TrainHard Esport owes him a large sum of money.

Competitive Fortnite player Rocco “Saf” Morales is one of the most decorated competitors in the game's near five-year history. He's accomplished more than most could only imagine, including a fourth-place finish at the inaugural Fortnite World Cup and a Chapter 2 Season 2 Fortnite Champion Series win. Saf's skill drew interest from esports organizations such as Ghost Gaming and TSM over the years.

His most recent endeavor occurred between March and June of 2021 when Saf was part of the France-based “TrainHard Esport” brand. Due to “economical reasons,” the organization folded in June. However, according to Saf, he alleges that TrainH owes him $70K USD in a recent Twitter post.

Saf's Statement Regarding TrainH

The 2019 ESL Katowice Royale winner has remained a free agent since TrainH Esport shut its doors. Saf took to Twitter with an official statement about money that the organization allegedly owes him:

“… So about 8 months ago I signed with trainH for 10k 5%. I have yet to receive a single dollar from trainH and am owed over $70,000. I was lied to by managers saying ‘the money is on the way' or ‘yes it is taking longer because of holiday,' he wrote.

“Unfortunately I was pretty dumb and believed them and eventually they just cut operations and cut contact with me out of no where. No CEO or higher up has said anything to me since the event. At this point I'm not sure what I can do other than put this out to the public and wait for FR attorneys to get back to me.”

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Saf joined the French esports brand following a six-month stint with TSM—who briefy stepped away from Fortnite. Based on Saf's statement, TrainH Esport was to pay him $70K USD; he has not seen that money. The organization recently severed contact with the 19-year-old Fortnite star, leaving him without options.

Other Players Afflicted & Radio Silence

European professional player and former TrainH member — Matsoe — stated he also had not received full payment from the now-defunct esports organization. Unfortunately for all those affected, TrainHard Esport no longer has a social media presence. Saf has announced he is taking legal action for breach of contract. We'll have to see what materializes in the future.

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