Fortnite: Primal Shotgun Remains Problematic Despite Nerf

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Fortnite: Primal Shotgun Remains Problematic Despite Nerf

ESTNN analyzes the Primal Shotgun changes.

The competitive Fortnite scene never shies away from the game's occasional overpowered weapons and items. Season X mech suits and Chapter 2 – Season 2 Mythic weapons are critical reference points of unbalanced destruction tools through Fortnite's competitive history. The Epic Games of old would gloss over these items, and competitors had to make due. Since then, the team behind Fortnite has turned a corner with increased communication and responses to feedback. Unfortunately, the game's latest season introduced a new shotgun that has players concerned.

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Primal Shotgun Issue

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6 began on March 16, with Epic Games introducing mechanics like Animal Taming and Weapon Crafting into Battle Royale mode. Some new weapons this season included the previously underwhelming Makeshift Shotgun and the unfathomably powerful Primal Shotgun. The latter became a significant issue for most competitive players because it can quickly evaporate health bars. Top competitor Mack “MackWood” Aesoph provided a prime example of the Primal Shotgun's power.

This weapon bears a similar resemblance to the Drum Shotgun from Season X, albeit a much stronger version. The Primal Shotgun's fire rate mixed with damage output makes it unquestionably the most overpowered weapon currently in Fortnite. MackWood's clip above shows its capability before Patch 16.10, which Epic deployed earlier this week with a minor nerf to the shotgun. Players were optimistic going into the update but soon realized that the Primal Shotgun remained almost entirely the same despite the fire rate adjustment.

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Post-Patch Primal Shotgun Disappointment

Fortnite caster and analyst AussieAntics broke down the post-patch Primal Shotgun, revealing almost no difference. The weapon remains robust as it was on the first day of Season 6. Another clip from Reddit user YT_Lonelyz surfaced, which displayed the seemingly unchanged Primal Shotgun.

This is what the primal nerf is suppose to be? At least I almost had time to shoot my AR 🙂 from FortniteCompetitive

There's cause for concern that this weapon might bypass any significant adjustments ahead of FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6. The underlying fear is that this season could feature only this new weapon and not much else in terms of variety. Players who encounter an opponent with a Primal Shotgun have little to no chance of survival. Although the Pump Shotgun is still solid, top players would be wise to roll with three Primals and shred through lobbies easily. A notable fire rate or damage reduction might be this season's saving grace, but only Epic Games can make that happen.

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