Fortnite PlayStation Cup – How to Play Exclusive C5 Event

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Fortnite PlayStation Cup – How to Play Exclusive C5 Event

Fortnite Chapter 5 console tournaments have gotten a lot bigger this season. The Fortnite PlayStation Cup is an exclusive event that you can enter really soon.

Fortnite has a wide esports scene which allows players to get involved competitively on any platform. Fortnite PlayStation tournaments have always been a part of that, on and off. However, this season there is a dedicated series of events running just for PlayStation players, the Fortnite PlayStation Cup. While Epic has played with PlayStation exclusive events in the past, this season there’s much more going on.

It’s an exclusive tournament held over a few weeks with some key cosmetics up for grabs. How can you get involved? It's only for players on a certain console. However, the tournament is one of the more interesting parts of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 esports.

The Fortnite Chapter 5 console tournaments are getting much bigger. There are events like the Fortnite console cups, but also a dedicated tournament series for PlayStation. With the new gen consoles offering high-level performance, we’re seeing more opportunities to get involved on the platform. As well as having access to all of the standard Fortnite tournaments, the Fortnite PlayStation Cup is an event just for players on this platform. Now that next gen PlayStations can play the game in 120 FPS, it’s a great time to get a bit more competitive.

How can you get involved in the Fortnite PlayStation Cup? This is how it’s going to work and when you can play to try and grab some free Fortnite cosmetics.

Fortnite PlayStation Cup Format

Fortnite PlayStation Cup

How is the Fortnite Chapter 5 console tournaments going to work? The PlayStation Cup is really quite similar to other tournaments this season, like the FN Victory Cash Cups. These are rules and format differences you need to know about for the Fortnite PlayStation Tournaments.

The Time Limit – Fortnite Chapter 5 Console Tournament Sessions and Organization

The Fortnite PlayStation Cup format is broken down into three separate events. There’s the first qualifier, the second qualifier, and eventually the Final. In each of these seasons, players have 3 hours to compete. In this time, they can go through 10 different matches and try to earn as many points as they can.

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You won’t have time for 10 full games in each session of the Fortnite PlayStation tournaments. However, this does mean having a few misfires of a game won’t be a big problem. There simply isn’t time to last until the top ten for all games. Players at the top of the leaderboard in the Qualifier will move forward into the finals.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Esports -

Once we’re into the finals, players have another three-hour session but can only play six matches. This is because there won’t be a huge lobby of players queuing up in that final section. It’s just the very best players. Who many players make it through to the final though?

Both Zero Builds and Builds are getting these events. In both qualifiers, the top 50 players for each region will head forward. It’s going to be close, you’ll need to use the best Fortnite weapons and all your skill to get through.

Prizes and Rules for Fortnite PlayStation Tournaments

Fortnite Chapter 5 Esports -

That’s how the format of the event is going to work, what do players stand to win if they perform well though? There’s an exclusive cosmetic prize that you can unlock if you get enough points at the Fortnite PlayStation Cup. You can get the Tough Chuggus loading screen!

Tough Chuggus isn’t the newest Fortnite skin, but the Bane-like character has always been a fun inclusion in the game. You’ll only need 15 points to get the loading screen. You don’t have to make it through to the final to unlock anything.

On top of the free cosmetic, you top players can unlock extra cash prizes if you do make it further though! The prize pool for Fortnite Chapter 5 console tournaments includes $650 going to the winning players. These prizes are only available in the Finals, the qualifiers aren’t for cash but for a slot in the Finals.

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Who Can Play in the Fortnite PlayStation Cup?

How can you get access to this exclusive tournament? Running only on PlayStation means that you’ll need to be on that platform for a start Gold I or above in Battle Royale. These are exclusive to one console though, not wider like most tournaments.

The rank requirements for this event are really though. Between this and the low score required to get your loading screen, most players should be able to get this if they want! Although, you’ll have to bush camp your way to a few placement points on the way.

Scoring for Fortnite Chapter 5 Console Tournaments

Fortnite Chapter 5 Esports -

That’s how the Fortnite PlayStation Cup is going to work. It’s an exclusive tournament, but the scoring is pretty familiar to the other tournaments. This is how the scoring works out.

  • Victory Royale – 30 Points
  • 2nd – 25
  • 3rd – 22
  • 4th – 20
  • 5th – 19
  • 6th – 17
  • 7th – 16
  • 8th – 15
  • 9th – 14
  • 10th – 13
  • 11-15th – 11
  • 16-20th – 9
  • 21-25th – 7
  • 26-30th – 5
  • 31-35th – 4
  • 36-40th – 3
  • 41-50th – 2
  • 51-75th – 1
  • Eliminations – 1 Point
  • Secure Forcast Tower – 3 Points
  • Capture Loot Island POI – 15 Points

When are the Fortnite PlayStation Tournaments?

This is when you can catch each round of the Fortnite PlayStation Cups!

  • December 8 – Zero Build PlayStation Cup Qualifier 1
  • December 9 – Battle Royale PlayStation Cup Qualifier 1
  • December 15 – Zero Build PlayStation Cup Qualifier
  • December 16 – Battle Royale PlayStation Cup Qualifier 2
  • January 13 – Zero Build PlayStation Cup Qualifier
  • January 14 – Battle Royale PlayStation Cup Finals

These are a batch of Fortnite PlayStation tournaments, but not the only event this season. It’s a bit different to have such a lengthy tournament just for console along with dedicated cash cups. However, it looks like Epic is testing out something different for the early Fortnite Chapter 5 tournaments. Hopefully, we get more fun casual events like the Fortnite PlayStation tournaments soon.

Fortnite PlayStation Cup – How to Play Exclusive C5 Event
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