Fortnite OG ‘Aydan’ To Compete Again In 2022

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Fortnite OG ‘Aydan’ To Compete Again In 2022

Fortnite World Cup Finalist “Aydan” revealed plans to compete in Fortnite next year.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 arrived out of nowhere ten days ago, much to fans' surprise worldwide. Many believe a lengthy downtime would follow Chapter 2's “The End” in-game event, but Epic Games had other plans. For most, Fortnite Chapter 3 represented a fresh start, with a new map, weapons and mechanics to learn and explore. The response thus far has been mostly positive. Chapter 3's buzz prompted many to try it out to see what it's all about.

One of those players – Aydan “Aydan” Conrad – is an ‘OG' in the Fortnite scene. The former Ghost Gaming turned New York Subliners representative previously enjoyed the title of ‘top controller player.' Aydan competed at Fortnite's inaugural World Cup event but eventually switched to Call of Duty: Warzone, ultimately becoming the game's top-earner.

Despite his success in Warzone, Aydan has confirmed his plans to return to competitive Fortnite in 2022. It's a moment not many fans expected, but an exciting prospect nonetheless considering his legendary status in Fortnite's four-year history.

Aydan Plans to Compete in Cash Cups Next Year

The Fortnite legend took to Twitter, stating his intentions to compete in Cash Cup tournaments when they begin next year. “When do Fortnite tournaments or Cash Cups start? Would love to get involved again,” wrote Aydan in a tweet. A lot has changed since the Fortnite OG last competed. The skill gap between mid and high-tier players is more expansive than ever. Regardless, Aydan's occasional Fortnite streams have proven he still possesses the fundamentals.

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Potential NICKMERCS Reunion?

Epic Games plans to host Duo and Solo Cash Cups in 2022. It's unclear whether Aydan intends to compete in both. However, should he decide to participate in Duo Cash Cups, we could see the return of Aydan and fellow Fortnite icon Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff. The two players have come a long way since Fortnite's early days, and both have moved on to other games. Nonetheless, NICKMERCS teased a reunion with Aydan following rumors that Tilted Towers would return in Chapter 3 Season 1. Whether that occurs in Cash Cups or not remains to be seen.

Regardless, seeing a player of Aydan's status return to competitive Fortnite will be fun to watch. Chapter 3 Cash Cups are on tap to begin January 10; we'll have to see what Aydan brings to the table with a Scuf controller in hand and a wealth of historical experience in Fortnite.

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