Fortnite Nintendo Switch Guide – How to Dominate on Handheld

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Fortnite Nintendo Switch Guide – How to Dominate on Handheld

This is everything you need to know about Fortnite Nintendo Switch and how to win more rounds on the handheld.

Fortnite is available across pretty much every platform out there, including Nintendo Switch. It might be at 30 FPS, but Fortnite Nintendo Switch is the full version of the game and you can still come across utterly stacked lobbies of players. At one point, Epic even offered tournaments for Fortnite esports on the Switch outside of other platforms! It isn’t the easiest system to play Fortnite on though.

With building and the new movement mechanics in Chapter 4, there’s a shortage of inputs for some game modes. Add to that the unique ways of controlling the game with motion controls, and there’s a lot to think about with Nintendo Switch Fortnite. There are some key ways you can improve though.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about Fortnite for Nintendo Switch. How to play, the online situation, and the steps to start improving and winning more Victory Royales.

How to Play Fortnite Nintendo Switch

Playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch is pretty much the same as on any other platform. If you’re not a seasoned Battle Royale veteran though, this is how you do it.

  • Head to the eShop
  • Find Fortnite
  • Click Download
  • Install the Game
  • Connect or make a new Epic Games account

That’s all you need to do to actually get set up and start playing! There’s a bit more to Nintendo Switch Fortnite than just installing the game though.

Fortnite NIntendo Switch

Do You Need Nintendo Switch Online to Play Fortnite?

The big question with most free-to-play games is how free is it with a paid online? While most things on Switch require an internet connection, like trading Pokémon, Fortnite doesn’t! Since the game is free, Nintendo has kept the game completely free to access to the platform.

Everything Fortnite has to offer is available for free. That includes all of the crazy experiences players can make with the Unreal Editor for Fortnite. You can jump into the OG Fortnite map, take down mechs, and more. Although, it does look a little janky compared to the more powerful platforms.

Tips to Dominate on Fortnite Nintendo Switch

Fortnite NIntendo Switch

That’s how to play Fortnite Nintendo Switch but if you want to play it well and actually win games in Fortnite, you’ll need to think about a few things. There are some major differences to this version of Fortnite. You need to work around them and use the differences to your advantage if you want to succeed in Battle Royale.

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The big main difference is obviously the frame rate and general performance. Fortnite Nintendo Switch is almost the mobile version of the game. The whole thing is a lot jankier, with more pop-in and downgraded textures. The frame rate will have the biggest impact on your performance though.

A lower frame rate is less reactive and responsive, and it’ll feel weird if you’re coming off playing on PC with the best Fortnite settings. Since everyone is on the same 30 FPS playing field though, it’s manageable. These are some key tips to optimize your gameplay for Fortnite for Nintendo Switch.

Different Control Schemes in Fortnite Nintendo Switch (Don’t Fear the Motion Controls)

Fortnite NIntendo Switch

One big change with Fortnite for Nintendo Switch is motion controls. These were originally an exclusive to Nintendo Switch Fortnite. Players couldn’t use motion controls elsewhere, although that’s now been fixed and everyone has access. Motion controls are largely dismissed as a novelty by the serious FPS player, but there are some reasons you might want to consider them.

For a start, these aren’t Wii pointer controls. The gyroscope motion controls have come a long way, and how tense matches of Splatoon can get are a testament to that. They’ve been refined. You can now use the gyroscope controls to have considerably more reactive aim. When coupled with differing sensitives on your sticks, you. Can use tilts of the controller (not arm movements) to do broad strokes, while using the thumbsticks to really dial in and fine-tune your aim. With a mix of motion and sticks, you’re getting a faster and more accurate aim than with standard sticks on Fortnite Nintendo Switch

There are a lot of different controls you can try out for motion in Fortnite. Test them out and try to dial in on something that can help your gameplay. Just avoid having them so low you’re actually having to turn. Ideally, the motion controls shouldn’t require you to actually move your arms, just tilt the gamepad a little.

Fortnite NIntendo Switch

Stay Away from Crossplay for Fortnite Nintendo Switch

Even with motion controllers arguably being more accurate than twin sticks, don’t do crossplay.

Fortnite crossplay on Switch is basically an invitation for rough lobbies. Nintendo Switch Fortnite has the worst FPS by a country mile. You’re getting either half or even a third or quarter of the FPS that your opponents are doing. If you’re playing pubs, try to stick to just Switch lobbies.

There are some game modes where this simply, isn’t possible. Fortnite arena is frustratingly completely crossplay now and your first few games of a season might be discouraging in there. For pubs though, stick to Switch players so you’re not fighting the refresh rate of the game itself.

Controllers for Nintendo Switch Fortnite

Fortnite Nintendo Switch controllers don’t have to be some high-level Scuff gamepad with paddles, but you might want to move away from joy cons. The drift on the controllers can put you at a serious disadvantage. Even if you don’t have drift that (i.e, your controller is fresh out of the pack) the trigger situation is hardly set up for those speedy builds.

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A pro controller or a more traditional gamepad can be a big help. Playing in handheld mode can even feel better to a lot of players than using lose joy cons.

Use a controller that gives you accuracy with aim alongside a more comfortable layout for Fortnite.

Building on Controller

Fortnite is an esport on PC, but it’s weirdly one with a huge player base that go for controllers over mouse and keyboard. A big reason for this is building. It’s just faster on controller.

Playing Fortnite Nintendo Switch, make sure you’re using builder pro where applicable. This allows you to play builds with a single button input, much faster than on PC. Spend some time practising this reflex and get your building polished. The Switch is fairly well set up for this outside of the frame rate. It’s not uncommon to see people absolutely sweating with buildings and lightning-fast edits on Switch.

Optimize for Builds or Zero Builds

One of the last tips for using the Fortnite Nintendo Switch hardware properly in Fortnite comes down to a more recent change. The player base is roughly divided between Zero Builds and Builds. But there are a few reasons why you might want to optimize for whichever you prefer.

It again comes down to your controls on Switch. Zero Builds removes the build function but leaves a button for it. Now we’re at a point where the default controls for Fortnite use every available button, this is a huge waste. If you’re playing Zero Builds remap that button to something useful.


Fortnite NIntendo Switch

Fortnite Nintendo Switch’s main downside other than FPS might be the internet situation. The Switch doesn’t come with an ethernet port out of the box, much to the anger of many Smash Bros fans. Instead, you’ll need to use an adapter if you want the smooth connection of wired internet.

While it isn’t essential, a wired internet connection is always an improvement over a wireless one. Consider upgrading to an ethernet connection if you can. His is a move which will help you play any game online on Nintendo Switch, Fortnite is just one of them.

Is Fortnite Nintendo Switch Worth Playing?

With an FPS downgrade and no ethernet, Fortnite on Switch has some problems. It has loads of benefits too though. The player base is just as engaged and fun on Switch. You can make best use of gyroscope controls, which Epic provides nearly as many fine-tuning options for getting controls just perfect as official Nintendo games do. It is a pretty solid package.

It can feel like a bit of a different experience. However, Fortnite Nintendo Switch is definitely worth your time, and it’s a platform where you can still elevate your gameplay. If you’re building at lightning speed here, once you try out a higher FPS you might be shocked at how impressive your skills have become.

Fortnite Nintendo Switch Guide – How to Dominate on Handheld
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