Fortnite Ninja Turtles – Release Date for 4 Cool TMNT Skins

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Fortnite Ninja Turtles – Release Date for 4 Cool TMNT Skins

The latest crossover is Fortnite Ninja Turtles! When are the TMNT Fortnite skins going to be released and how will the latest collab effect the game?

Fortnite has tons of crossovers, even in Chapter 5 we’ve got a Family Guy collab and then more Dragon Ball Z. The latest to be announced seems key to the season’s Underground theme, TMNT Fortnite. The iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are hitting the Battle Royale! As you’d expect, there’s quite a few different skins coming to the game. However, this newest collab will touch the other games in Fortnite and even introduce a new area to the game.

TMNT Fortnite skins have been leaked in recent updates. Players have found the skins in-game, including how they’ll work in other game modes. What’s more, we have reason to think this will also come with changes to the core Battle Royale gameplay. It isn’t just the turtles being included either.

Even outside of how they’ll effect gameplay, it looks like a high effort collab. The leaked skins point to one of Epic’s better-translated collaborations, including some unique designs. How does the Fortnite Ninja Turtles collab work and when can we expect it to release?

TMNT Fortnite Skins

Fortnite Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have become a mainstay of pop culture since the 80s. The pizza-loving mutated turtles have preserved with each generation getting their own take on the Turtles. The crossover with Fortnite is taking inspiration from across the franchise’s history. It’s even going beyond the basics in what’s being included. These are the Fortnite Ninja Turtles characters that are getting included when they hit the game.

Ninja Turtles Skins

The biggest part of the TMNT Fortnite collab is obviously the Turtles themselves. We’re not getting just one or two skins, but one for each of the Ninja turtles. They’re all here with their differently color coded headbands. Clearly, it’s taking more inspiration from the cartoons and films rather than the gritty original comic book. The leaked skins have been found by Hypex on Twitter.

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Along with the TMNT Fortnite skins themselves, we’re also going to be getting other cosmetics. There are a couple of emotes to go with each batch. Plus, harvesting tools that represent each Turtle’s unique weapon. While they won’t be in-game items, this is a fun way to include more of the Turtles personality in the base game. You could have a whole squad rocking a different turtle, great for showing off on the Victory Royale screen when you win games of Fortnite.

There are even four emotes coming to the game too. That's one per Turtle to really customize your locker.

April O’Neil

Fortnite Ninja Turtles

The Turtles themselves aren’t the only characters coming with the latest collab. We’re also getting some TMNT Fortnite skins for other characters. At the moment, the other skin is going to be April O’Neil. The Turtles' trusty ally and reporter friend. She has a unique design in Fortnite. More inspired by the classic look of the character than modern interpretations. It’s great to see Epic getting creative in how they depict the crossover characters.

April O’Neil is the last of the leaked skins this time. However, in the future, we could see more arrive. We might characters like Shredder, Casey Jones, or even Krang show up.

Fortnite Ninja Turtles Lego Collab

Those are all of the TMNT Fortnite skins. However, this will be one of our first crossovers since the release of the Fortnite Lego game mode. How will this affect things? Most colalb skins couldn’t are excluded from the Fortnite Lego skins process. Licencing issues mean all but the Star Wars skins aren’t playable in the mode. The Turtles are going to be different though.

Epic has licensed their appearance in Lego form alongside the Turtles themselves. When you use any of these skins in the survival mode, you’ll find the turtles depicted in Lego form! This is a fun inclusion that is going to give players a bit more value out of these skins. Most collabs are missing from Lego so this is a fantastic move. Hopefully, it’s the first of many collabs that can be played in every mode.

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In-Game Content for TMNT Fortnite

Fortnite Ninja Turtles

Those are all of the cosmetics we are expecting to see with the Ninja Turtles Fortnite collab. However, this is a bigger crossover with some in-game implications. Since the release of Chapter 5’s first trailer, we’ve known the Turtles have a bigger role to play.

The current Fortnite season is called Underground, but so far that subterranean level hasn’t really shown up. In most of the major current POIs you can find sewer grates which give let you teleport to a different location. However, the TMNT Fortnite collab might mean we find a bit more under there than players though. It looks like these sewers will become accessible as in-game locations with the new collab. The TMNT Fortnite Skins will definitely look at home in and out of the sewers.

The underground network will be home to the Turtles hangout. This will be a new POI for the remainder of Fortnite Chapter 5. It’s been quite a while since a collab got its own POI on the Fortnite map, so this should help to elevate the Fortnite Ninja Turtles collaboration.

When is the Fortnite Ninja Turtles Release Date?

That’s how the entire Fortnite TMNT collaboration will work but when will it release? players don’t actually have that long to wait. The TMNT Fortnite skins are scheduled to come to the item shop on December 15th! This will see them take over the item store with possibly even the in-game content dropping on the same day.

The sewers on the map have been teased since our first reveal. Getting this area opened up and the TMNT Fortnite Skins will definitely flesh out the Underground side of the season.

Fortnite Chapter 5 is shaping up to be one of our best yet. If this TMNT Fortnite collab can keep the momentum up, this Winter won’t be one to miss for Fortnite fans. Seeing collabs come to every side of Fortnite at once is even a game changer.

Fortnite Ninja Turtles – Release Date for 4 Cool TMNT Skins
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