Fortnite: Ninja Allows TSM ZexRow Back Into Ninja Battles

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Fortnite: Ninja Allows TSM ZexRow Back Into Ninja Battles

Ninja lifts the ban on ZexRow from Ninja Battles.

Team SoloMid Fortnite player Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro received some positive news today straight from the icon himself, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. He will now be able to compete in the Ninja Battles tournament series once again. For those who may have missed it, Ninja banned ZexRow from future tournaments way back in the first week of Ninja Battles. TSM’s longest active Fortnite member won the inaugural Ninja Battles tournament alongside his Season X Championship winning teammates Jonathan “Calc” Weber and Mack “MackWood” Aesoph. In a post-tournament interview live on Ninja’s Mixer channel, ZexRow uttered words of disrespect for his critics in a curse-laden monologue.

Ninja Bans ZexRow

Ninja wasted no time; he banned ZexRow from all future Ninja Battles events because of his actions. Despite issuing a formal apology, Ninja stayed firm with his decision. The incident even prompted a response from Team SoloMid. ZexRow’s stock in the minds of many dropped significantly. Despite appealing to Ninja’s good nature, the ban for ZexRow remained through weeks two and three of the competition. However, the ban would not last as long as most of us expected.

Ninja Unbans ZexRow

Ninja announced today that he would lift the ban from ZexRow beginning in week four of Ninja Battles.

“I am letting @TSM_ZexRow back in to #NinjaBattles this week, and for the remainder of the weeks. everybody deserves second chances, people make mistakes and I am excited to watch the tournament today! Good luck to everyone participating…”

It’s undoubtedly a massive win for ZexRow after enduring immense criticism. He was able to get himself back into Ninja’s good graces. As a result, he has reunited with trio teammates MackWood and Calc. The Season X Champions are looking to win the remaining weeks of Ninja Battles and possibly even the upcoming Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) tournament. With $80K USD on the line for each of Ninja’s competitions, no pro player wants to miss out on adding more money to their wallets.

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