Fortnite: NA West DreamHack Anaheim Confirmed Attendees

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Fortnite: NA West DreamHack Anaheim Confirmed Attendees

Players from the NA West competitive Fortnite region are defending their territory this weekend in Anaheim, California.

Despite NA East and Europe stealing most of the attention, NA West features some outstanding players who will compete at DreamHack Anaheim.

The collective Fortnite community agrees that NA West players run the best solo scrims across all seven regions. This factor, coupled with little to no travel for many of the players could lean heavily in their favor. With a $250K USD prize pool up for grabs and $30K USD to first place, NA West players have all the incentive they need to make an impact.

Revisit our list of confirmed NA East players to see who will be representing the other side of the United States. We’ve highlighted some of the key NA West competitors for this weekend’s competition.

100 Thieves


In addition to Elevate, Ceice and Klass from NA East, 100 Thieves is also sending Brendan “Falconer” Falconer, Diego “Arkhram” Lima and Kyzui. Falconer and Arkhram stand out considering their history as a duo and their success at the Fortnite World Cup. Arkhram has an outstanding track record in solos based on his Cash Cup success. He also finished in eighth place at the DreamHack Winter event back in early-December. Falconer’s Solo Cash Cup record is decent, and Kyzui finished 29th at DreamHack Winter. It’s hard not to like the chances of Arkhram, Falconer and Kyzui, especially considering their past performances on LAN.

NRG EpikWhale

NRG's EpikWhale sits in a white NRG branded T-shirt

Image via NRG

Shane “EpikWhale” Cotton stands out as one of the best solo players in both the NA West region in the world. His hard work, dedication and methodical approach to Fortnite helped him at the World Cup, where he took third place and $1.2M USD. The grind continued for the young NRG member as he went on to see success in both iterations of the Fortnite Champion Series. EpikWhale consistently places top-15 in Solo Cash Cups and recently took 12th place at the AO Summer Smash 2020. Many will look to EpikWhale as one of the favorites out of NA West this weekend, considering his skill set and experience.

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NRG Edgey

Benjamin “Edgey” Peterson smiles for the camera in his NRG capImage via NRG

Although lesser-known amongst the Fortnite elite, Benjamin “Edgey” Peterson is one of the best that NA West has to offer. Edgey’s rise to prominence began not too long after the Fortnite World Cup concluded. Edgey joined Liquid Cented and rehx to form a Season X trio, and they bested nearly every other NA West trio convincingly. They won multiple trio tournaments and finished in third place at the Season X Finals. Edgey, Cented and rehx continued dominating into Fortnite Chapter 2, where they added EpikWhale and finished in third place yet again. Edgey’s Solo Cash Cup record is not too shabby either, so look for an impact out of him against the world’s best in Anaheim.


Brodie “rehx” Franks is not a name that pops up often when discussing some of Fortnite’s best. That is the case mainly because he plays out of the NA West region, which continues to fly under the radar as a whole. Many fellow professional players look to Rehx as the gold standard in Fortnite. He’s had at least three Solo Cash Cup wins since November to compliment his success in FNCS events. The track record speaks for itself, but Rehx has yet to compete in a LAN environment. It would be a Bugha-type performance if Rehx went out and won his first offline event. Rehx possesses the skills needed to rack up enough points to succeed under the DreamHack scoring system.

Liquid Cented

Liquid's Cented stands with his Team Liquid hoodie in front of palm trees

Image via Team Liquid

Team Liquid’s Evan “Cented” Barrow completes the trio of himself, Edgey and Rehx that dominated Season X. Although Cented’s early Solo Cash Cups leave a lot to desire, his improvement is noticeable over the past few months. Two of his last three tournaments produced an eighth and third-place finish, which sets him up nicely for DreamHack Anaheim. Much like many of the other players in attendance, this is Cented’s first real crack at an offline tournament, not named TwitchCon. As long as he executes his strategy, Cented should remain in the running for Grand Finals. The stakes are high and Cented could defend the NA West turf with exceptional gameplay.

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Liquid Riversan

People often forget about how outstanding River “Riversan” Handley is as a Fortnite player. Competing out of the NA West region naturally casts a shadow, but Riversan’s remained successful through many iterations of the game. The 17-year-old Team Liquid member’s most significant achievement occurred in July of 2019 at the Fortnite World Cup. He took ninth place and continues to pop up on Cash Cup leaderboards to this day. With sufficient LAN experience under his belt, Riversan rolls into Anaheim, ready to encounter some fierce competitors from all over the world.


Famed controller player, Wavyjacob, has arguably been the best NA West player since the beginning of 2020. His unapologetic approach to Fortnite gives him the confidence that he needs to thrive. Wavyjacob’s best asset is his ability to rack up eliminations. He’s won two of his last five Solo Cash Cups, one of which saw him accumulate 120 points overall. Wavyjacob’s aura is similar to that of UnknownArmy, meaning that their dominant controller players and could care less what others think. There’s no reason to believe that Wavyjacob won’t be in the mix in the final heat of the DreamHack Anaheim competition.

CLG Symetrical

Reza “Symetrical” Ebrahimi Manie (pictured left) competes for Counter Logic Gaming and has had an excellent start to 2020. His second LAN event ever saw him take third place out of 100 impressive players at the AO Summer Smash. Symetrical managed to earn a win in one of the six matches played on the big stage at the tournament in Australia. This accomplishment speaks to the solid foundation that Symetrical has laid out for himself. Despite the pool of talent attending the DreamHack Anaheim event, Symetrical’s recent LAN experience might be a huge difference-maker.

NA West Confirmed Attendees

  • Ghost Saf
  • JayXX
  • 4DRStorm
  • Thomuss
  • CLG Leno
  • LittleXX
  • Frapai
  • Tavern
  • Ghost Aydan
  • Psalm
  • Vanguard Jaomock
  • LG Gunfly
  • Thome
  • Persecute
  • pitbull nitrix
  • Unlocalize
  • Mony
  • RichHomieQuinn
  • Criizux

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