Fortnite Leaks, Returning Weapons, Permanent No-Build Mode

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Fortnite Leaks, Returning Weapons, Permanent No-Build Mode

Leaks in Fortnite give an idea of what weapons and items may return in Chapter 3 Season 2. 

Fortnite is back on top of the world following the release of Chapter 3 Season 2. Players are returning in droves to enjoy the no-build aspect, new mechanics and revamped points of interest (POIs). It's been a successful launch for Epic Games, which continues to find ways to create a buzz around the five-year Battle Royale title. 

The start to the season has been objectively solid, based primarily on the overwhelmingly positive reception and impressive viewership numbers. However, every Fortnite fan knows that consistent updates tend to make or break each season. Leaks ahead of Chapter 3 Season 2 unveiled Epic's plans to bring new weapons and more into the fold. 

Additional details surfaced today regarding those upcoming items. Let's look at what we can expect to see over the next few months. 

New Pump/Double-Barrel Hybrid Shotgun

Fans who paid close attention to the gameplay trailer might have noticed a new Shotgun. Fortnite leaker HYPEX described what we could expect from the new Shotgun, which he describes as a mixture between the Pump and Double-Barrel. 

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It shoots one shell before the user reloads and possesses a tighter spread and headshot multiplier. It's unclear when we'll see this Shotgun, but it will likely occur in a weekly update. 

Adjusted Hunting Rifle & Heavy Sniper Rifle

Two Snipers are also in the works to return soon; the Hunting Rifle and Heavy Sniper. Neither weapon can eliminate or down a player in one shot based on the statistical adjustments. The Hunting Rifle also deals less damage overall, while the Heavy Sniper remains the same. It's worth noting that the Heavy Sniper can still destroy enemy walls in one shot. Like the Shotgun, there's no anticipated release date for either Sniper. 

The Baller Returns

The Baller vehicle in Fortnite has been absent from the game since Season X. However, HYPEX confirmed that the Baller would make a comeback in Chapter 3 Season 2. This time around, they'll spawn in with 400 health. Not much more is evident regarding spawn rates, but we can expect to see Baller soon.

Permanent No-Build Mode?

The most exciting news from HYPEX's series of tweets is the potential for a permanent “no-build” mode. It's no secret that the Fortnite player base has welcomed the change. Content creators and players who moved on from Fortnite enjoy the stress-free gameplay without building. 

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Epic would be wise to make no-build a separate game mode. HYPEX explained that there are already individual no-build playlists in the game files and loading screen messages, so it seems inevitable at this point. We can expect to see no-build mode shortly after the initial nine-day period ends. 

HYPEX's recent tweets merely scratch the surface. Epic presumably has a lot more planned for Chapter 3 Season 2, including more funding stations. Be sure to check back with ESTNN for more updates throughout the season!

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