Fortnite: Leaker Believes Travis Scott Won’t Return Anytime Soon

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Fortnite: Leaker Believes Travis Scott Won’t Return Anytime Soon

It seems unlikely the rapper will make a return to the game in the near future.

Travis Scott became an icon in the world of Fortnite Battle Royale in April of last year. Epic Games partnered with the ultra-popular rap artist to produce an in-game concert, aptly named “Astronomical.”

The event itself was a spectacle, which millions of players tuned in for worldwide. On top of the concert, Travis Scott also entered Fortnite as a character outfit. The game’s young demographic instantly boosted the popularity of Travis Scott’s in-game rendition.

Unfortunately, those who failed to acquire the skin and accompanying accessories have waited and waited for its return. Well over one year has passed since Travis Scott’s set last appeared in the Item Shop. Despite a brief tease this past April, the cosmetics have not returned and many wonder what could be causing the delay.

Travis Scott Skin is MIA

This year, rumors surfaced that it would re-release on April 30 — the rapper’s birthday. However, the day came and went without any sign. It’s been nothing but radio silence since April. That hasn’t stopped thousands of fans from wondering what exactly is happening.

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Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR has received relentless comments regarding the skin’s return. A recent Twitter post from the leaker will certainly not reassure anyone waiting for the Travis Scott set.

“I personally believe(!) that Travis Scott will NOT and can NOT be re-released at this time.”

This opinion seems to be the consensus. Whether it’s a legal issue or not, Epic Games has not acknowledged the Travis Scott question once since the bundle left the Item Shop well over a year ago. Rumors have swirled regarding Travis Scott Day, his birthday and the anniversary of Astronomical. None have materialized into anything.

When Will Travis Scott Return?

The sad but honest truth is that no one knows when the Travis Scott Set will return. Epic must have a good reason, especially considering how much money they’d make by re-releasing it to the masses. Professional players have helped boost the popularity of the skin in-game, making it all the more sought-after. If the leakers are clueless, then Epic Games might be the only party that can answer the question on the minds of all Fortnite players.

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