Fortnite: Khanada Signs With Built By Gamers

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Fortnite: Khanada Signs With Built By Gamers

Khanada is the newest member of Built By Gamers.

Less than one month after mutually parting ways with Team SoloMid, professional Fortnite: Battle Royale player Leon “Khanada” Khim has found a new home with Built By Gamers. The multiple-time Solo Cash Cup winner and regular Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Finalist teased his signing on December 14, only three days after leaving TSM. Built By Gamers established themselves as an esports brand in September of 2019. The organization currently possesses professional players in Valorant, Call of Duty and Fortnite. Khanada became the sixth official member of BBG’s Fortnite roster with greener pastures ahead.

BBG Khanada

The organization announcement occurred on Khanada’s YouTube live stream, his new platform of choice after Twitch informed him that the website would not lift his ban. Built By Gamers prepared hilarious introductions for players like Jonathan “Calculator” Weber and his brother HazThaGreat in the past. Khanada received a similar treatment in a video where he embodied a “reformed” persona instead of the trash talker that most have seen. The entire BBG roster hosted an intervention for Khanada in hopes of bringing out the demon once again.

He joins a list of well-established professional players on BBG, including former trio teammate Nate “Kreo” Kou and current teammate Logan “Bucke” Eschenburg. Khanada hopes to continue compiling results and eventually grab his first major Fortnite tournament victory. He’s been close several times before, and it’s only a matter of time before the stars line up for the young Fortnite player.

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Khanada's Competitive History

BBG’s newest Fortnite player has been around the scene since Season 9. He first gained notoriety in Season X, when Twitch superstar and former professional player Turner “Tfue” Tenney needed a last-minute trio for the Fortnite Champion Series. He eventually settled with Liquid Fiber and young gun Khanada, whom most believed to be a rising talent. Tfue, Khanada and Fiber qualified for the FNCS Season X Finals, where they finished 22nd. Players and organizations began taking note of Khanada.

He went on to win three Solo Cash Cup tournaments the following season and proceeded to reach the Grand Finals of all five FNCS competitions to date. Built By Gamers are welcoming a real competitor, and despite his relentless trash talk, Khanada remains one of the world’s best Fortnite players. 2021 will be a significant year for Khanda.

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