Fortnite: Khanada Banned From YouTube Streaming 20 Minutes Into First Broadcast

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Fortnite: Khanada Banned From YouTube Streaming 20 Minutes Into First Broadcast

YouTube bans professional Fortnite player Khanada with no clear explanation.

It was a new day and chapter for professional Fortnite player Leon “Khanada” Khim as he announced that he is joining the Built By Gamers esports organization. After Twitch banned him many months ago, he looked to YouTube as his next option for future live streams and content. The situation seemed too good to be true as Khanada went live on YouTube earlier today with his new organization reveal and to stream some Fortnite. However, the YouTube Gaming platform had other plans. Only 20 minutes in, Khanada’s stream went black with a message citing that YouTube removed the video for violating the website’s Community Guidelines.

Khanada Banned from Streaming on YouTube

The professional Fortnite player took to Twitter shortly after his stream was removed from YouTube. He stated, “bro i just got banned for nothing.” ESTNN could not even locate the archive as YouTube washed it from existence. Refreshing the stream turned up the same Community Guideline violation. Theories started to flood Twitter, and some watchers claimed that Khanada referenced the COVID-19 pandemic, which could have resulted in discipline.

Competitive Fortnite player Joji – who represents Luminosity Gaming – believed he heard Khanada say something negative regarding the COVID. Some also theorize that Khanada’s ban from Twitch carries to other platforms. At this point, the young Fortnite player has not received any reasoning for his ban. Khanada responded with dismay and sadness, considering his last live stream was on Twitch many months ago. Finally, he reached out to a YouTube Gaming executive, asking for help in this confusing situation.

Khanda Contacts Fwiz Seeking Assistance

With nowhere left to turn, Khanada contacted Head of YouTube Gaming – Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt. Based on Fwiz’s Twitter feed, he has not responded to Khanda’s plea for help. The two parties may have established contact privately due to the implications of Khanada’s YouTube ban. The young Fortnite player’s former Team SoloMid teammate Mack “MackWood” Aesoph voiced his opinion on Twitter, stating that any platform would be lucky to have Khanada. While that may be true, Twitch banned Khanada in September, citing “violent threats” as the website’s causation.

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Unfortunately for Khanada, he is running out of platforms to stream his exceptional Fortnite gameplay. He concluded this emotional day with another tweet, stating “I actually missed streaming so much just for it to get snatched right out of my hands.” As this bizarre situation unfolds, be sure to check back here for updates on this developing story.

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