Fortnite Hunger Games Map Codes – Top 4 Creative Maps

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Fortnite Hunger Games Map Codes – Top 4 Creative Maps

Looking for a different kind of creative mode, the Fortnite Hunger Games map code can be one of the most fun experiences in this side of the game!

Fortnite Creative is home to some unique experiences that push what you thought possible in the game. Often though, the most popular maps recreate competitive experiences from the rest of pop culture. One in that category that’s broken out recently is Fortnite Hunger Games map codes. The genre has become pretty popular lately leading to more maps of this style popping up.

Every once in a while, a particular genre of maps just explodes in popularity. Fortnite Only Up codes are a great recent example. However, Hunger Games Fortnite creative maps are another genre which has risen to popularity in the same way. Content creators like NickEh30 have been showing off how much fun the Fortnite Hunger Games modes can be. With the recent UnrealFN changes players can make some really special experiences in the editor and these Fortnite Hunger Games codes show off everything the game’s engine can do.

If you want to join in with the fun, then we’re going to run you through the best Fortnite Hunger Games map codes. These are the top picks in creative right now.

Best Fortnite Hunger Game Code

Fortnite Survival Games

Fortnite Hunger Games Map Codes

  • Map Code 0326-8397-9394

If you’re looking for the Fortnite Hunger Games map code that you’ve seen in popular content creator content, this is probably the one you’re looking for! It’s the map that’s made the genre more popular recently. It’s a game mode where 24 players compete in a simple free for all fight. There are limited weapons like bows and other guns around.

As by far the most popular, this Fortnite Hunger Games map is definitely the easiest to play. It has the fastest load time if you’re looking to find a match. More players are jumping in so you won’t be in a queue for so long. With the Fortnite player base split pretty evenly across all these modes right now, it makes a big difference to have faster matchmaking with more popular maps. That’s a big point in Fortnite Survival Games favor.

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Players have to fight it out to be the last one left alive. This is the main Hunger Games Fortnite map that’s become popular and it’s likely the main map that players are thinking of. However, it isn’t the only take on the genre. There are some other picks out there too which are worth a visit in Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Hunger Games

Fortnite Hunger Games Map Codes

  • Map Code – 7235-8796-1387

This Fortnite Hunger Games map is built as a more direct recreation of the environment and experience of the franchise. This map has a layout which looks pretty close to what you’d come to expect. It’s a simple map where players can compete in a free-for-all all. The visual resemblance to Hunger Games in Fortnite Creative still makes it worth using. It’s an older map, not quite one of the best UnrealFN Maps. However, it still has a lot to offer even with Creative 2.0 active.

Zone Wars – 75th Hunger Games – Fortnite Hunger Games Code

Fortnite Hunger Games Map Codes

  • Map Code – 5880-5365-5857

This one of the Fortnite Hunger Games map codes is a direct recreation of the 75th Hunger Games, perfect if that particular Battle Royale is your favourite. In terms of translating, it to Fortnite though this one takes a few more liberties. It turns the mode into Zone Wars.

Zone War is a popular form of LTM or creative map for Fortnite which has proven a compelling mix of traditional shooters and Fortnite’s unique mechanics. This Zone Wars map has the settings of the world from the Hunger Games. This is an interesting place to do Zone Wars and it makes a change from all of the Tilted Towers you typically see.

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The Hunger Games Jungle Map

Fortnite Hunger Games Map Codes

  • Map Code – 0124-1749-8928

This Hunger Games Fortnite Map is a take on the jungle biome seen in the series. It’s a more recent map so it has all the polish you’d expect from the more modern tools added into Fortnite. This one is another free-for-all all and survival style of game. You’ll need to use whatever is around to try and make it all the way through to the end.

It isn’t a more casual mode here. Players will need to wait things out and try to play cautiously. It is a fun way to play a Fortnite Hunger Games code though.

What Are Fortnite Hunger Games Map Codes?

Fortnite Hunger Games Map Codes

Fortnite Hunger Games map codes are creative maps which put players into the world of the Hunger Games or a Fortnite facsimile. These game modes try to create the experience of the young adult novel and movie series. If you’ve never played one, you might be wondering how exactly are Fortnite Hunger Games map codes different from the standard game mode?

Fortnite is a Battle Royale. Hunger Games is notoriously just a rehash of the original Japanese Battle Royale movie with young adult tropes lifted straight from Twilight dropped in. So how exactly do these modes differentiate themselves from the standard Battle Royale? For the most part, by more directly recreating the source material.

Fortnite uses the Battle Royale format but has grown to be very much its own thing. These maps on the other hand try to give you a purely direct Hunger Games experience. Some of these Fortnite Hunger Games codes make a few more changes than others, but they definitely still mix things up.

What’s nice about these Fortnite Hunger Games creative maps as opposed to something like Fortnite Squid Games maps, is that the player count is often higher. This keeps gameplay closer to what you expect from Fortnite.

Fortnite Hunger Games Map Codes – Top 4 Creative Maps
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