Fortnite: How To Watch FNCS Season 7 Semi-Finals (Heats) & Reboot Round

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Fortnite: How To Watch FNCS Season 7 Semi-Finals (Heats) & Reboot Round

Find out how you can watch the FNCS Semi-Finals this weekend, where players will compete for a spot in the Season 7 Finals.

Fortnite Battle Royale's seasonal Champion Series event has reached its final few weeks. Since the start of Season 7, competitive trios across the game's seven regions have participated in countless scrims, tournaments and Arena matches in preparation for the Fortnite Champion Series.

Some teams have remained the same from season to season, whereas others have made necessary adjustments for the greater good. One thing is for sure—every trio in the world wants a piece of the $3M USD and a crack at the elusive Axe of Champions.

Three weekly qualifiers have led to this point—the FNCS Semi-Finals, which many refer to as Heats. Epic Games has seeded the season's top teams based on Series Points in all regions and split them into three years, each containing 33 trios. The goal for these teams is to earn enough points in the Semi-Finals to secure a spot in the Season 7 Finals.

Today, ESTNN breaks down the Semi-Finals, mainly how viewers can watch the action unfold, what the schedule looks lik,e and what players are involved.

FNCS Season 7 Semi-Finals Schedule & Format

The Fortnite Axe of Champions, a golden axe bearing the FNCS logo. The same logo can be seen in a faint grey on the black background

The weekend begins with the FNCS Semi-Finals, also known as heats. As previously stated, the top 99 teams in each region based on Series Points have been split into three different heats containing 33 players. All heats consist of six custom matches, with the top six teams moving to the Season 7 Finals next weekend.

Teams who fall between seventh and seventeenth place in the Semi-Finals will have one last chance to make the finals in the Reboot Round. Trios that participate in the Reboot Round must earn a Victory Royale to qualify for the Season 7 Finals and points do not matter. Each region's number of Reboot Round matches will vary depending on how many teams disbanded this season that finished top-three in the Season 6 Finals.

In case that was challenging to follow, here is a quick bulleted breakdown of this weekend's action:

Semi-Finals (Heats)

  • Ninety-nine teams
  • Top teams based on Series Points will split into three heats
  • Each heat features six custom matches
  • Top-six teams advance to the Season 7 Finals
  • All teams placing between 7th and 17th will move to the Reboot Round
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Reboot Round

  • Thirty-three teams in total for each region
  • The number of matches depends on disbanded teams
  • Each region will play at least three Reboot Round matches
  • The triumphant team in the Reboot Round games will qualify for the Season 7 Finals
  • Once a team wins a Reboot Round match, they'll be removed from the list of eligible contenders

FNCS Season 7 Semi-Finals Streams

There's no shortage of viewing options for anyone looking to tune in this weekend. Popular streamers such as AussieAntics, EmadGG and Ops typically host viewing parties, where they'll either watch player points of view or go into Fortnite's Replay Mode. Some professional players who have already qualified for the Season 7 Finals might also join the viewing party craze.

Epic Games also hosts its own broadcast for the Fortnite Champion Series on various channels. The official streams will begin with EU everyday at 12:50 PM EDT and run through NA West later in the evening. Below you'll find a wide range of options from Twitch to YouTube and many different language choices.

English coverage of EU, NAE, NAW

French coverage of EU

German coverage of EU

Spanish coverage of EU

Portuguese coverage of BR

Japanese coverage of Asia

FNCS Season 7 Heats & Key Players

Now that you know where to watch the FNCS Semi-Finals and Reboot Round this weekend let's highlight some standout players in each of the European and NA East heats. Heat B for both regions figure to be the most exciting.

NA East

Heat A — August 28 from 1 PM to 4 PM (EDT)

  • SEN Aspect, Moon Cazz & OA Whofishy
  • Felix, Sparebow & Pozed
  • TNG Okis, Ghost Blake & Liquid Scoped
  • OA Sticks, BBG Calculator & Gandhi
  • Nittle, FS casqer & G2 Smqcked
  • JadenShotz, NetZz & Marzz_Ow
  • DeRoller, K2G Speguu & K2G charlie
  • TNA OliverOG, asianjeff & XTRA Alliege

Heat B — August 28 from 5 PM to 8 PM (EDT)

  • XTRA Illest, G2 MackWood & TRAGIX
  • Chronic Jays, K2G Kn1pher & Doniee
  • 33 PaMstou, Athletix wCarey & Fatch
  • NOVA mikey6, LG Xoonies & XSET Av
  • FS Bully, BankTeller & criizux
  • XSET Knight, XSET Shark & clarityG
  • TNG Pgod, TNG Peterbot & TNG Tkay
  • Elite Gabe, twitter tahifn & twitter spritefn
  • LG Jamper, Threat & TNG Rise
  • OSP, elite npen & Pxlarized
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Heat C — August 28 from 5 PM to 8 PM (EDT)

  • Ved, Tabnae & PXMP
  • FaZe Bizzle, TNG Eclipsae & Coop
  • Voil, Xccept & Snake
  • Trashy, TSM FTX Co1azo & LazarP
  • TNA Muz, TNA looter & TNA Speedy
  • Cizlucky, XTRA Furious & twitter nounzyfn
  • FS Dukame, DL Justice & twitter userzfn
  • SEN Zyfa, Simple & TUEXY
  • Visxals, LG Joji & C9 Fryst
  • XSET Ceice, XTRA verT & DL Klayy


Heat A — August 28 from 2 PM to 5 PM (GMT)

  • Shady, AyarBaffo & Passivq
  • 7tor, Siberiajkee & Force
  • Solary BlastR, yagsou & naekoz
  • Centric Hottie, elokratz & TRC TRIP
  • Zeykoo, BeGenius Sun & BeGenius Jules
  • GUILD Flikk, GUILD Anas & GAMMA Th0masHD
  • BL Raifla, saevid & PW AstroSMZ
  • EvozA Lnuef, Quinten & LootBoy Cryed
  • CL l1nk, CL Fury & CL iRezUmi

Heat B — August 28 from 6 PM to 9 PM (GMT)

  • Liquid Mitr0, OVA x8 & fnatic crr
  • Umplify, Adn & Matsoe
  • Keziix, zq & Falconly
  • Shaykoz, Athletix Skyzouw & MCES BadSniper
  • e t q, Glorious Snagged & Wave Steelix
  • Vitality Snayzy, Grizi Robabz & nayte
  • Heretics k1nzell, apeks IDrop & wakie
  • Playwell Vetle, Apeks Krizzii & Playwell Styrsix
  • Solary Floki, Solary Clément & GO Decyptos
  • Wanlast, podasai & Vitality Nikof

Heat C — August 28 from 6 PM to 9 PM (GMT)

  • Heretics Packo, GO Grayinjo & Solary EMXXRR
  • Bloomy, BL Pablo & Siko Tomzy
  • FS Kylix, ALBA Swillium & G2 Letshe
  • Merstach, TT9 Malibuca & Shizo1kng
  • GT Skite, Esty & Falcon Leothecrack
  • CL Safik, Centric Default & CL putrick
  • EvozA Wulfee, Gambit letw1k3 & Legion freemok
  • Wave Kikoo, Slender & FaZe Mongraal
  • Pinq, nebs & Mouz Stompy

The Reboot Rounds for most regions will occur on Sunday, August 29. Be sure to tune into the live broadcasts to see who clutches their last opportunity for the Season 7 Finals.

FNCS Twitch Drops

The word "Fortnite" appears over the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 7 Twitch drops on a green background.

Remember, FNCS Season 7 Twitch Drops are available until the end of finals next weekend. You can earn them this weekend as well by connecting your Epic Games account to your Twitch account and tuning into a verified stream.

This weekend's action promises to be one of the best as top teams scramble for a chance at $3M USD and the Axe of Champions. In case you missed it, here are the results from the first three FNCS Qualifiers:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Feature Image: Epic Games

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