Fortnite: FNCS Season 7 Week 1 Recap & Results

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Fortnite: FNCS Season 7 Week 1 Recap & Results

ESTNN recaps the first FNCS Qualifier of Chapter 2 – Season 7.

Fortnite’s tenth Champion Series tournament is off and running. Teams across the game’s seven competitive regions are once again competing for a shot at the $3M USD prize pool and the elusive Axe of Champions in-game reward—given only to the winners. Since Chapter 2 – Season 4, players have perfected each season’s entirely different meta and the consistent trios format. Dominant teams have emerged in the form of two-time champions Malachi “ENDL8SS Reverse2k” Greiner, Dejsean “ENDL8SS Deyy” Hew and ENDL8SS Mero and perhaps the world’s best team — Chapix, Jannis “GUILD JannisZ” Matwin and Henrik “GUILD Hen” Mclean.

However, Fortnite is an ever-changing game, and no team is genuinely ever safe in this unpredictable scene. Enter Chapter 2 – Season 7, which boasts an extraterrestrial theme and yet another meta for teams to master. This past weekend marked the first of three qualifiers, and 21 teams secured themselves a spot in the Season 7 Finals. With one week down, let’s see who’s moving to the next stage and which team’s earned crucial Series Points.


Qualifier 1 in Europe marked a return to form of sorts for one of Fortnite’s household names. Benjy “NRG benjyfishy” Fish finally accomplished a long-desired goal of placing highly in a trio FNCS. After the MMB reunion failed and Benjy’s team with Matsoe and Umplify fizzled out, the double World Cup Qualifier turned to lesser-known players Wave Joe and LootBoy Shadow.

The result speaks for itself. The relatively new true executed a consistent strategy, managing five top-ten finishes out of six games and 38 eliminations. Benjy, Joe and Shadow have secured their spot in the Season 7 Finals.

After back-to-back disappointments in the FNCS and a season off, Fortnite World Cup Champion David “aqua” Wang also revitalized his career. The Austrian sat out the last three Trio FNCS Finals with two disqualifications and a hand injury that’s plagued him for some time. He hasn’t missed a step, and adding two of Europe’s best players—Noah “BL Noahreyli” Rey and Alexander “Wave Vadeal” Schlik—undoubtedly helps. These three combined for two Victory Royales, 37 eliminations and 184 points. Look out for aqua, Noahreyli and Vadeal in the finals.

The Chapter 2 – Season 5 Champions added themselves to the teams that pushed through to the Season 7 Finals. We’ve come to expect dominance out of Jannis “GUILD JannisZ” Matwin, Hen “GUILD Hen” Mclean and Chapix, and they did fall too far below that bar. Their six-match effort resulted in a win, 37 eliminations and 182 points. They’re always a threat to claim another Axe of Champions, and they are now one step closer.

  • 1st: Wave Joe, NRG benjуfishу, LootBoy Shadоw – 186 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 2nd: WAVE Vadeal, BL Noahreyli, аqua – 184 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 3rd: GUILD Henchman, GUILD JannisZ, oogway 74 – 182 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 4th: solo veno, Falcon TaySon 7, rezonyache32 – 169 points
  • 5th: LootBoy Fastroki, karmafnr 002, ALOFT Voidd – 146 points
  • 6th: Vodafone xIsma, Vodafone Lolito, Ignasi Horno – 144 points
  • 7th: FIVE kkwt, TQ Sеrenexo, FIVE purd1ales – 143 points
  • 8th: Hottiе, elokratz, TRC trippernn – 141 points
  • 9th: Lίquid mίtr0, OVА x8, fnatic crriya – 127 points
  • 10th: BL Raifla, EP SAЕVID, PW AstroSMZ -124 points
  • 11th: lavy egrm 愛, homyno voxe, x buzz x – 119 points
  • 12th: Frozeπ, gogos-, MCES Mirza 愛 – 116 points
  • 13th: sqwinntly 11, Siko Cees ay лол, Remixマ – 97 points
  • 14th: Swift Flashed, Lifted FelixKinG, DeathCapG – 89 points
  • 15th: EIQ Wraxx, EP Hutyreyli ӝ, Minny 更好的獲勝 – 87 points
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NA East

Trends are often a measuring stick in Fortnite, and no team ran hotter than 33 nut, TNG Eomzo and TNG chukky over the last few weeks. A fourth in the previous Cash Cup Extra and a win in the Bugha Late Game Tournament set this trio up for another solid showing. Eomzo, nut and chukky channeled their run of success into one Victory Royale, 36 eliminations and 190 points overall. They swept in late, ultimately claiming first over the Fortnite World Cup Champ, and are through to the finals.

Fortnite Solo World Cup Champion Kyle “SEN Bugha” Giersdorf went on a rollercoaster ride of emotions over the last few weeks. His season began with a flurry of roster changes before settling with Cloud9 players Avery and nosh. Despite his teammates waking up late for round two of the first FNCS Qualifiers, everything worked according to plan. Bugha, Avery and nosh lept out to an early lead and finished second by just one point. After last season’s disappointing end, Bugha is back with a familiar teammate and will compete in yet another FNCS Season Final.

Rounding out the top three was the always impressive trio of FS Degen, FS Ajerss and Skqttles. These three players split briefly to start the season but rejoined not too long after. It was perhaps a wise choice, considering their steady performance in the week one finals. Degen, Ajerss and Skqttles managed 161 points, including one Victory Royale and 25 eliminations. They will bypass the next four FNCS weekends and head straight to the Season 7 Finals.

  • 1st: 33 nut ӝ, TNG Eomzo, TNG chukky 002 – 190 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 2nd: C9 nosh, SEN BUGHADORF, C9 Avery – 189 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 3rd: FS DEGEN, FS Αjerss, skqttles – 161 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 4th: BBG KREMON 002, BBG Bucke, NRG СІіх – 153 points
  • 5th: EL pgod ℵ, TNG Peterbot, TNG Tkay – 147 points
  • 6th: coldreyli7, ELITXE7, Cryp VI – 138 points
  • 7th: danny bad bloom, ag bowlcuttyler, vanish river – 137 points
  • 8th: TabzG, noob teyo, ELITE PLEGE 21V – 132 points
  • 9th: Reducs, TwixSon 7, AG Chubs – 130 points
  • 10th: DeRoller., K2G Speguu, strawhat charlie – 129 points
  • 11th: profitwarrior82, tiekko yt, Kippits – 117 points
  • 12th: SEN Aspect., Cаzz, OA Whofishy – 113 points
  • 13th: TNG Okis., Ghоst Blаke, Liquid Scopеd – 110 points
  • 14th: FаZe Bizzle, TNG Eclipsae, Сoﱞop – 106 points
  • 15th: LG Slackes, 1P Acоrn, G2 Jаhq – 100 points

NA West

The NA West region rounded out the first qualifier as it always does, and the action stayed hot. The final leaderboard rolled with XTRA Quinn, Kewl and Wave on top after a 183-point performance. Their six games produced one Victory Royale and 30 eliminations. Quinn, a mainstay in the NA West region, is back in the mix after a disappointing result in Chapter 2 – Season 6.

Here is the remainder of the NA West leaderboard:

  • 1st: XTRA Quinn, rvn wave, HNR Kewl – 183 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 2nd: AKA Ark 赤, Jarruto, AKA Aiden 赤 – 177 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 3rd: PSR Parz, IGL XEN BEAST, Assault mitoo – 169 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 4th: 100T Falconer, XTRA Reet1x., 33 Chris – 160 points
  • 5th: trnl trashie, stl fjaa, stl salvo – 156 points
  • 6th: dev is tiny, PSR Mateo, HOWDY zZ – 153 points
  • 7th: ChickenItza, mxr andyyayis, G2 Jelty – 152 points
  • 8th: Bloom Riversаn, AKA Extinct., ENDLESS Kehnys – 147 points
  • 9th: poffieevszombies, MERK cyrzr 7, eclipse言 – 135 points
  • 10th: chickenwc, Kytrex, mеchton – 132 points
  • 11th: kisame drew, SKADEMON., Yasir – 104 points
  • 12th: apex ghouls1x, PSR KETOLOL, Paul.Wrld – 103 points
  • 13th: Dz eTzo 7u7, Dz Deih 7u7, CLG Tocata – 97 points
  • 14th: CLG symetrical, norcal alithy23, Frapai – 94 points
  • 15th: Twitch 0tso1x, STL Knzo, Twitch Zookez – 92 points
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Here are the results for all remaining regions:


  • 1st: el fishy L2R2, Talls L2R2, Sаnku L2R2 – 160 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 2nd: NEW Kayky, NEW Insano24k., NEW Lord24k. – 156 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 3rd: sнeco, New Bаgu 7, histtory – 156 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 4th: TCE cоllet, oogwеy 74, TCE guneves – 155 points
  • 5th: TecneZ, fаzer 7, faze kіng – 144 points
  • 6th: rynm7, NEW KBR -ɢ-, SNG dıguera – 144 points
  • 7th: Keicox 7, 9z fаcu, Granjero 742 – 142 points
  • 8th: Suetam ., tce spitflоw, robоtlfg – 140 points
  • 9th: TRIBE OPai 祝福, SRN Phzin Ӝ, gsх94 – 139 points
  • 10th: eRa cadu 乡, NEW origіns, Hero Nicks – 134 points


  • 1st: Rid WildHawk 7, Rid Maurimr 77, Rid rimr7 – 224 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 2nd: ぼっととReet, ちるちるちるちるちる, KUREN 王 – 184 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 3rd: alba rainy., miya -nꜱʀ-, yusea -ᴄʀ- 182 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 4th: A2 Koa, NCRリテイルローのしゅうと, A2 こよた GORI – 173 points
  • 5th: 彼女しか勝たん 7, ALBA ROCCA, GW_Harukiyo – 166 points
  • 6th: 2SNgNl., fa1zzу, FCS Jozya – 153 points
  • 7th: yunseopp., Misty Aim, T1 QuickssZ – 147 points
  • 8th: tatsuya shiba., peteryache32, YoungGyo 9 – 141 points
  • 9th: ALBA まるお, Focus ぷーさん あせあせ, たかちゃ – 140 points
  • 10th: GW_Lettuce, GW_doknyache32, GW_Buyuriru – 124 points

Middle East

  • 1st: SCYTES Balor, KINGS KrooFal7, Metabisk – 188 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 2nd: Falcon Spy, TU iExon, SAQR Rapit – 173 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 3rd: fаhаd, Falcоn Mansour, LIQŲID – 170 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 4th: Falcon FHD, Falcon Yonx, Falcon iNm7x – 166 points
  • 5th: RuTzMK, lil Mshary, KINGS FKS – 154 points
  • 6th: Medal xJam, SAQR Hellon, SCYTES Murloc. – 153 points
  • 7th: scytes kuki, FALCON oogway, gxr nyle11 – 142 points
  • 8th: KINGS Xx731, Hero 7., Falcon KiritoKun – 140 points
  • 9th: Falcon xSpeedy, SCYTES Heif, SAQR 7man1x – 128 points
  • 10th: YaLLa Opezor, LND Washed, 20 LORD – 116 points


  • 1st: FE Vortex, jаce 11, FE taysunz – 225 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 2nd: ELS ka-zu-ki, overt phluxzy 7, chainz FA – 209 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 3rd: MG ihmo, PRDX Danath, Chef Jeff Lad – 197 points (Qualified for C2S7 Finals)
  • 4th: FE Remi, JFT scammed ihmo, FE xalkerr – 171 points
  • 5th: Sоrif, eshz FA, JFT Raiku – 156 points
  • 6th: ELS Bluezie, Mako rip, VRTX Mania – 142 points
  • 7th: eggy 7, PRDX lucas, PRDX cynical – 141 points
  • 8th: Oatlеy, Fresh, Rеl – 140 points
  • 9th: AZR Brae, BBG Anon1x, Little Mechy – 124 points
  • 10th: volx, PWR radius, syncyfishy – 119 points

The FNCS is on hiatus this weekend but returns after the Rift Tour Ariana Grande concert. We’ll pick right back up where we left off with the second qualifier.


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