Fortnite: How To Unlock Rick Sanchez & Toxic Rick In Season 7

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Fortnite: How To Unlock Rick Sanchez & Toxic Rick In Season 7

Find out how you can unlock all of the Rick and Morty cosmetics in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7.

Epic Games teased a collaboration with the popular adult animated sitcom show “Rick and Morty” in the lead-up to Fortnite’s latest season. No one knew what to expect, considering a minor robot character appeared in one of the three teaser clips. That narrative changed quickly when the server downtime ended. The alien-themed Chapter 2 – Season 7, dubbed “Invasion,” struck the masses with new weapons, locations and a whole lot more for players to experience.

The Rick and Morty crossover emerged via the Battle Pass, which caught the entire scene by surprise. Fans of the show learned that they could unlock one of the two main characters — Rick Sanchez — and other in-game cosmetics related to the show. Toxic Rick, a reference to the “Rest and Ricklaxation” episode from season three, also makes a cameo appearance. Join us as we detail the steps to unlock all Rick and Morty cosmetics!

How to Unlock Rick Sanchez and Toxic Rick

Both known styles for Rick Sanchez are available through the Season 7 Battle Pass. Players must either purchase the season pass for 450 V-Bucks ($4.50 USD) or receive it as a gift from another. Once you have the Battle Pass, unlocking Rick Sanchez and the alternate Toxic Rick style is as simple as progressing through the levels. There are more than 100 Battle Pass tiers currently, and Rick is one of the highest-priced items. Here are the levels you’ll need to reach:

  • Rick Sanchez (base outfit) – Level 100
  • Toxic Rick (alternate outfit) – Reach level 100 and complete ensuing quests or use 20 Battle Stars
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Remember, you can purchase additional Battle Pass tiers with V-Bucks. Otherwise, you’ll need to gain experience points through in-game quests, eliminations and Victory Royales.

Other Rick and Morty Cosmetics

A screenshot of the Fortnite shop showing various Rick and Morty cosmetics with Hammerhead Morty selected.


Fans of the Rick and Morty show are in for a treat when they reach the final page of the Battle Pass. After working diligently through all levels or paying the hefty price tag to buy out, players will unlock eight other Rick and Morty cosmetics.

  • BUURRRPP (emoticon)
  • Hammerhead Morty (pickaxe)
  • Rick’s Portal (wrap)
  • Butter Robot (back bling)
  • The Rickiverse (loading screen)
  • The Rick Dance (emote)
  • Interstellar Rick (spray)
  • Rick’s UFO Cruiser (glider)

For an overview of all exclusive Season 7 cosmetics, refer to our Battle Pass breakdown, where we go over all tiers and styles. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates!

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