Fortnite Hotfix v18.00: Shockwave Launcher vs. Rift-To-Go, Armored Wall Trap & Fortnite 4th Birthday

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Fortnite Hotfix v18.00: Shockwave Launcher vs. Rift-To-Go, Armored Wall Trap & Fortnite 4th Birthday

Find out what’s new in Fortnite Season 8 hotfix v18.00.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8’s first hotfix arrived this morning. We are now just over a week into the new season, and it’s time to shake things up a bit. While not a numbered patch, hotfix v18.00 has a lot to offer in terms of content. For one, the first unvaulting vote is officially underway — where players can spend in-game gold to bring back either the Shockwave Launcher or Rift-To-Go item.

There’s more to digest after the latest update, so let’s see what else Epic Games has in store for fans in the early going of Season 8.

War Effort — Shockwave Launcher vs. Rift-To-Go

The war effort continued after players spent their hard-earned gold to install mounted turrets in various points across the map. J.B. Chimpmanski is back with another set of donation boards. Starting today, players can vote for whether they want to unvault the Shockwave Launcher or Rift-To-Go. Epic plans to host more donation battles during Season 8, so this is somewhat of a trial run.

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Here is the storyline quote from Epic’s blog post:

“Our first face-off is against two masters of mobility: lob away and bounce back with a Shockwave Launcher or take to the skies with the Rift-To-Go. New head-to-head campaigns will kick off as our fight against the Cubes continues, so save up your Bars and help decide the items my crew provides!”

You’ll need to find these donation boards and spend gold to vote for which item you’d like to see again.

Armored Wall Trap Introduced

The new armored wall trap available in Fortnite, a reinforced steel wall

Leakers in the Fortnite scene revealed an Armored Wall Trap in the works last week. This obscenely strong steel wall possesses much more HP than even a metal piece, and as of 9 AM EST, it’s in Fortnite Battle Royale. While not in competitive playlists, players can now find the Armored Wall Trap as floor loot or Supply Drops.

“War means it’s time to reinforce, which is why I’ve bolted together the Armored Wall. Give any building piece a whole bunch more HP by putting this barrier on it. You can also build pieces with Armored Walls automatically attached. No matter how you go about it, it’ll be a LOT tougher for the enemy to reach you if you surround yourself with ‘em.”

It’s a unique addition to the current gameplay meta, which players can use as an offensive or defensive tool.

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Fortnite’s Fourth Birthday

A birthdayc ake with missing slice and a number 4 candle appears against a purple background

Last but not least, in today’s hotfix is the yearly Fortnite Birthday celebration. This year marks Fortnite’s fourth birthday, and Epic celebrates this monumental landmark starting September 24 at 9 AM EST with in-game birthday presents and consumable cake. These two items have been a staple in recent birthday events.

Birthday quests are back once again as well. Epic Games will roll out challenges that players can complete to earn in-game rewards, such as a back bling and pickaxe. Those will commence on September 24 and conclude on September 28.

Here is the list of unlockable cosmetic prizes:

  • 4 Me??? Back Bling
  • Hooplah Hammer Pickaxe
  • Score! Emoticon

Before we get out of here, Epic provided some notes for competitive players regarding the latest update:

  • Donation Board voting is not in competitive playlists.
  • Armored Walls are not in competitive playlists but are subject to the new item evaluation period.
  • Birthday Cakes but not Birthday Presents will be in competitive playlists during the birthday festivities.

That covers all of the excitement surrounding Fortnite’s first Season 8 update. Be sure to take advantage of the birthday quests, vote in the war effort and try out the new Armored Wall Trap!

Feature Image: Epic Games

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