Fortnite Leaks Detail Upcoming Armored Wall Traps In Season 8

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Fortnite Leaks Detail Upcoming Armored Wall Traps In Season 8

Learn everything you need to know about the upcoming Armored Wall Traps in Fortnite.

A new build type is coming to Fortnite Battle Royale—sort of. During the pre-Chapter 2 – Season 8 launch, leaks revealed a planned Armored Wall Trap. New information about this reinforced wall revealed that it is nearly impenetrable. Epic Games has mostly abandoned the trap concept outside of Launch Pads and the occasional Bouncer. However, that will change this season, and it's an exciting prospect.

What are Armored Walls?

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 has already offered players an entirely new experience, but Armored Wall Traps could be a complete game-changer. HYPEX took to Twitter earlier this evening with some details regarding this new trap item. He informed that Armored Wall Traps would deploy with 2.5K health, stack up to 20 and stick on an enemy and teammate’s structures.

Here is the complete stat line based on HYPEX's tweet:

  • Health: 2,500
  • Max Stack: 20
  • Equip Time: 1.5 seconds
  • Can be placed on Enemy Builds
  • You can apply it on any build type
  • Doesn't take an inventory slot as of now
  • Will be found as a stack of five in: Floor Loot & Supply Drops
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Armored Walls Could Be a Game-Changer

While it may not seem like a significant inclusion, building has seriously become an absolute must for casual and competitive Fortnite players. Armored Wall Traps could introduce a new dynamic to the game that we've never seen before. Think of a situation where a player is pressuring your one-by-one structure. The natural reaction would be to either run away or box fight. With Armored Wall Traps, you could easily give yourself enough time to evade an offensive enemy or plan a counter-attack.

The opposite scenario might see the Armored Walls as a solid offensive option. While pressuring an opponent, you could theoretically deploy these traps around them and they would have significantly fewer options to flee or defend themselves.

HYPEX did not mention a planned release date, but we can expect to see Armored Wall Traps in one of the usual Tuesday patches. It'll be interesting to see how much they factor into the gameplay.

Featured Image: HYPEX

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