Fortnite: Hearts Wild Valentine’s Day Event – Everything You Need To Know

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Fortnite: Hearts Wild Valentine’s Day Event – Everything You Need To Know

ESTNN breaks down the different offerings in this year’s Fortnite Valentine’s Day event.

Fortnite Battle Royale is gearing up for a Valentine’s Day event, dubbed Hearts Wild, where players can earn in-game awards and purchase new cosmetics. Epic Games has a lot to offer this year, including Community Battles, a slew of new love-themed items, emotes, skins, harvesting tools and more. Some other notable inclusions in this year’s Valentine’s Day event are a fresh Creative Hub and free cosplay masks. Epic is also hosting a Hearts Wild Cup, where players can win the “Lovely” in-game cosmetic outfit and back bling. Let’s take a look at all that Epic has in store for the Hearts Wild event.

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Hearts Wild Cup

A female Fortnite character with pink hair and a shirt with an angry cartoon heart with a crown on it blows a kiss towards the words "Hearts Wild Cup Duos Competition & a Chance to Unlock Lovely" and a small banner on top with the date "Feb 9", all over a pink, purple and yellow gradient background with lines and hearts on it

Fortnite Battle Royale players from the Asia region had the opportunity to earn the “Lovely” skin and back bling on the Nintendo Switch had first dibs during the Switch Cup 2 tournament just over a week ago. Now, players from all regions and platforms have the same chance. Here is the tournament’s general format.

  • Duos
  • Open to all regions
  • Three-hour session
  • A maximum of ten matches
  • Top-performing teams will collect the cosmetic prizes

Hearts Wild Team Battles

Six Fortnite cosmetic items from the Hearts Wild event are shown, with two pink machetes with black and gold handles in the middle and on the outside are a heart with a flame on top of it and an arrow through it with the letters "GG" on it, a humanoid fish creature holding up his hands in the shape of a heart, another heart with an arrow through it and a flame on top, but this one with a smily face, and a multi-colored assault rifle

Starting February 10, players can queue into Hearts Wild Team Battles to compete for more in-game prizes. Epic’s blog post states, “Fortnite players will have an opportunity to team up with their favorite Creators to help them earn points in unique Challenges.” It sounds similar to the Winter Trials from last month, with more prizes available. Here is a list of rewards:

  • First place: Breathless Blades Pickaxe, Shufflly Shapes Wrap, Reel Love Spray, Perfect Match Emoticon, & Hearts Wild Team Battles Banner
  • Second place: Shufflly Shapes Wrap, Reel Love Spray, Perfect Match Emoticon, & Hearts Wild Team Battles Banner
  • Third place: Reel Love Spray, Perfect Match Emoticon, & Hearts Wild Team Battles Banner
  • Fourth place: Perfect Match Emoticon & Hearts Wild Team Battles Banner
  • Fifth place: Hearts Wild Team Battles Banner
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Creative Hub, Cosplay and Fishstick’s ‘Shot At Love’

Fortnite character Fishstick's orange fish head appears with a heart and arrow behind him in yellow and orange over a yellow, pink and purple gradient background with lines hosting hearts in them jutting across screen and the Fortnite logo in the corner

Fortnite’s Valentine’s Day-themed Creative Hub will go live on February 9 at 10 AM ET. Those looking to showcase their cosplay abilities can do so from now until February 15 by visiting this link, where you can download and craft different ‘Hearts Wild’ masks and foldable art. The final shoe to drop during the event is a set of new quests named Fishstick’s Shot at Love. These quests will not be available in Fortnite until February 11, but Epic teased that players “will also have to help Big Chuggus and Lovely spread the spirit of love on the Island.”

That covers all that we know so far about Fortnite’s Hearts Wild event. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates!

Featured Image: Epic Games

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