Fortnite: Former FNCS Champion ‘Nayte’ Joins Team Vitality

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Fortnite: Former FNCS Champion ‘Nayte’ Joins Team Vitality

Fortnite World Cup finalist and perennial contender Nathan “Nayte” Berquignol has signed with Team Vitality.

French organization Team Vitality first enrolled into competitive Fortnite in 2018 during the game's popularity peak. Fortnite generated millions of views across social media platforms, prompting Team Vitality to field a competitive roster. The organization saw many players come and go over the last five years. Some of those members include legends such as Klaus “Stompy” Konstanzer, Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia and Nicolas “Nikof” Frejavise. 

Vitality's roster has since withered down to only a few players following the retirement of Airwaks and Nikof. Nonetheless, the French esports brand made a move today to bring in an accomplished player known as Nayte—a decorated Fortnite veteran with an impressive list of accolades. 

Nayte Joins Team Vitality

Nayte (19) officially joined Team Vitality today after spending ten months as a free agent. He left Grizi Esport in April 2021 following the organization's disbandment. Straightforward in their approach, Vitality posted a video to celebrate Nayte's arrival. The French player provided a brief walk back through the success he's found in Fortnite before promising more titles and achievements under Team Vitality. 

Five Year Veteran with Countless Accomplishments

Nayte qualified for three out of five Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Finals after leaving Grizi Esport; with third-place being his best result. However, Team Vitality is signing a top current professional player and one that has competed since the pre-World Cup era. Nayte's list of achievements includes an eighth-place finish at the Fortnite World Cup 2019 Finals before the competitive scene reverted to mostly online tournaments.

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In the Fortnite Champion Series era, Nayte has reached the Grand Finals in seven out of 11, producing a wide range of results. He finished second in FNCS Chapter 2 Season 1 with Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish, Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman and Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson and won FNCS Chapter 2 Season 2 alongside former duo partner Alexandre “Andilex” Christophe. Nayte maintains a storied career in competitive Fortnite.

Currently, Nayte competes alongside fellow Team Vitality member Idris “Snayzy” Aichouche in Chapter 3 Season 1. He's won an FNCS in Duos before, so he hopes to find his way back to the top over the next three grueling Fortnite Champion Series weeks.

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