Fortnite: FNCS Season 7 Finals Preview — NA East Edition

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Fortnite: FNCS Season 7 Finals Preview — NA East Edition

ESTNN breaks down the NA East FNCS Season 7 Finals.

The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) in Chapter 2 – Season 7 comes to an end this weekend with the Season 7 Finals. Trios in all seven worldwide regions have worked hard to perfect their strategies and reach this point in the competition. The stakes couldn’t be higher, with a share of $3M USD and the seasonal Axe of Champions in-game reward up for grabs.

Each region has its own storylines, but NA East is always one of the front-runners in that department. With names such as Bugha, Clix, Dubs, STRETCH, MackWood and Scoped in the field, NA East’s Season 7 finale promises to deliver on all expectations. No shortage of conflicts and narratives will play out across two days and 12 matches.

Today, ESTNN looks at the NA East drop map and highlights some favorites, dark horses and the hotly contested points of interest (POIs) in the Season 7 Finals. Before we get into the essential details, here’s a quick refresher of the FNCS format for this weekend:

  • Two days
  • 12 matches
  • Six matches each day
  • Teams accumulate points based on eliminations and placement
  • The team with the most points after 12 matches wins the Axe of Champions

Now, let’s get into the NA East drop map and see which teams are in a position to perform well in the Season 7 Finals.

The Drop Map

The drop map for all the NA East teams qualified in the FNCS Season 7 Finals

The Favorites

Reverse2k, Deyy & Mero

It’s challenging to look at this field of players and not side with the two-time FNCS winners and defending champions—Reverse2k, Deyy and Mero. Despite the early-season roster changes, which left Reverse2k without a trio, the Season 6 Champions reunited mere days later. Since then, the former ENDL8SS trio has gone 1st, 3rd, 4th and 3rd in Trio Cash Cups and the DreamHack Cash Cup Extra.

They’ll have Dirty Docks uncontested, which has worked out heavily in their favor in the past. Storm Surge damage could prove troublesome, but two teams will contest each other at the Kami Split. Reverse2k, Deyy and Mero are experts at their craft and should find their way to the top one way or another. A third Axe of Champions would solidify them as the best trio without question.

FaZe Cented, NRG Edgey & TSM FTX Commandment

Perennial second-place finishers Cented, Edgey and Commandment are in another prime position to win their first-ever Axe of Champions. There’s been somewhat of a curse placed on these three, who have finished second in FNCS Season 4, Season 5 and Season 6. While they have earned some much-needed wins of late, the FNCS title has evaded them.

Cented, Edgey and Commandment’s recent success includes a DreamHack Cash Cup Extra win and multiple top-ten Trio Cash Cup placements. The three-time runners-up will coast into Misty Meadows uncontested, putting them in another ideal position to become Season 7 Champions. It’s only a matter of time until it happens, but there’s a tall hill to climb.

SEN Bugha, C9 nosh & C9 Avery

Fortnite’s only solo World Cup Champion is back in contention for the Fortnite Champion Series title after a rough end to last season. Bugha teamed with Clix and Bizzle in Season 6 and the three were sent packing in the Semi-Finals by rival team gabe, tahi and sprite. The former World Cup started Season 7’with nosh and Avery before briefly leaving to play with Mero and Deyy.

Bugha ultimately came to his senses and went back to nosh and Avery, and it panned out nicely. This season, the three players have managed three top-tens in Trio Cash Cups and added a second in FNCS Qualifier 2 to boot. Bugha, nosh and Avery have chosen the Orchard area as their drop spot, which has produced success for teams in the past. Season 7 could be Bugha’s best chance yet to win the Axe of Champions.

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BBG Khanada, Liquid STRETCH & Saf

Of the favorites, there might not be a better team in terms of knowledge and raw ability than Khanada, STRETCH and Saf. After losing Zayt to retirement, STRETCH and Saf picked up Avery for one season, which resulted in a third-place finish in Chapter 2 – Season 6. They swapped out Avery for Khanada in Season 7 to complete perhaps the best trio of players from top to bottom outside of Commandment and company.

Saf, STRETCH and Khanada have popped up this season significantly, winning a Trio Cash Cup and DreamHack Cash Cup Extra. Like the other favorites, Saf and his teammates will enjoy an uncontested drop spot at Lazy Lake. It would not be a longshot to say Saf, STRETCH and Khanada could win the FNCS Season 7 Finals.

Honorable Mentions: Elite gabe, tahi & sprite, LG Slackes, G2 Jahq & 1P Acorn

The Dark Horses

SEN Aspect, Moon Cazz & OA Whofishy

Dark horses in these talented regions can be challenging to find since only the best teams make the Season 7 Finals save for a few outliers. In this regard, however, Aspect, Cazz and Whofishy somewhat fit the bill of a dark horse. Not many would pencil them in as the winners with other more recognizable names in the field. Nonetheless, these three players have an uncontested Pleasant Park, which adds a lot of merit to this pick.

Aspect, Cazz and Whofishy seem to lurk on leaderboards quite often. People may forget that they finished eighth in FNCS Season 6, fourth in the last DreamHack Cash Cup Extra, and second in their heat. Those results, an uncontested spot and ample Storm Surge options should bode well Aspect, Cazz and Whofishy.

FaZe Dubs, FaZe Megga & K2G Rocaine

Fortnite World Cup Finalists Dubs and Megga have been quiet since trios became the primary format. They teamed with Riversan in Season 4 and Eclipsae in Season 5 and struggled to compete with the best. Dubs and Megga picked up veteran player Rocaine in Season 6 and have played well since, finishing sixth in the last FNCS Finals and winning the third Season 7 Qualifier.

Considering their body of work over the last few years, it seems odd to call Dubs and Megga dark horses. However, not many would pick this trio to win outright. They’ll have an uncontested drop at Boney Burbs, which is all any team could hope for in the Grand Finals. It would not be shocking to see Dubs, Megga and Rocain atop the leaderboard after 12 matches on Sunday.

FS Bully, FS criizux & BankTeller

Rounding out the dark horse portion is the Steamy Stacks trio of Bully, criizux and BankTeller. This selection keeps with the running trend of Fortnite tournaments—where minimal off-spawn fights typically breed success. Bully has seemingly landed at Steamy Stacks since the start of Chapter 2 and battles all challengers tooth and nail. Thankfully, he, criizux and BankTeller should have a relatively easy time off-spawn in the Season 7 Finals.

This team has not done anything outstanding this season, but Fortnite is a game where anything can happen. Bully and company already have an ideal scenario from the start with Steamy Stacks all to themselves. It’s all a matter of putting everything together across 12 matches and two days.

The Contested

Retail Row

Clix, Bucke and Kreo might have a tough run in the finals if they stick to Retail Row as their drop. The same sentiment applies to the French Candian trio of PaMstou, wCarey and Fatch. Both teams have committed to the same POI, and history does not favor these circumstances. Yes, one may win convincingly over the other, but these are two of Season 7’s best trios. Storm Surge won’t be an issue, but loot and rotations could be without question.

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Holly Hatchery

Another off-spawn battle between Team Blake and Team Voil will more than likely occur at Holly Hatchery. Again, this could result in disaster for both teams depending on their loot and luck. It’s worth noting that Blake, Scoped and Okis won consistently off the spawn in Heat A, where they ultimately ran away with the win. They’ll need more of the same in the Season 7 Finals as they look to square off against Voil, Snake and Xccept.

Craggy Cliffs

The two teams led by MackWood and Pgod have had their fair share of disputes and drama throughout Season 7. Both teams drew Heat B, which did not work out well for MackWood, Tragix and Illest. Pgod’s team finished in first-place after switching their drop spot in heats . However, as fate would have it, MackWood, Tragix and Illest rallied in the final Reboot Round match to qualify for the Season 7 Finals. It’ll be interesting to see if MackWood and Pgod decide to contest one another at Craggy Cliffs or if one leaves for a better chance at victory.

Corny Complex

Rounding out the impressive list of contested drop spots is Corny Complex. Although it changed in patch v17.50, Co1azo’s team and Degen’s team seem to be sticking with the location. Both are talented teams on paper, which will hopefully carry them through this off-spawn scuffle. Degen and company finished fourth and sixth in the last two FNCS Finals. That’ll be challenging to follow with consistent spawn fights.

The Field

  • Reverse2k, Mero, Deyy (Dirty Docks)
  • FaZe Cented, TSM FTX Commandment, NRG Edgey (Misty Meadows)
  • 33 nut, TNG Eomzo, TNG chukky (Kami + Tower)
  • C9 nosh, SEN Bugha, C9 Avery (Orchard)
  • FS Degen, FS Ajerss, skqttles (Corny Complex)
  • LG Slackes, G2 Jahq, 1P Acorn (Slurpy Swamp + IO + Gas)
  • Elite neeqo, kwah, paper (Stealthy Stronghold)
  • Saf, BBG Khanada, Liquid STRETCH (Lazy Lake)
  • FaZe Megga, FaZe Dubs, K2G Rocaine (Boney Burbs)
  • Elite narwhal, divine, Elite Zlem (Dam Split)
  • BBG Kreo, BBG Bucke, NRG Clix (Retail Row)
  • TNG Okis., Ghоst Blаke, Liquid Scopеd (Holly Hedges)
  • SEN Aspect., Moon Cazz, OA Whofishy (Pleasant Park + Tower)
  • 4LK Moo, Vanish TYQZU, FLu Kwanti (Aftermath/Gas Split)
  • DeRoller., K2G Speguu, K2G charlie (Kami Split)
  • Crumblerr, KNG Nexybot, K2G Larson (Coral Castle/Shark)
  • TabzG, noob teyo, ELITE PLEGE 21V (Weeping Woods)
  • TNG Pgod 十, TNG Peterbot, TNG Tkay (Craggy Cliffs)
  • 33 PaMstou, Athletix wCarey, FatchyFishy (Retail Row)
  • XSET Knight, XSET Shark, clarityG (IO Base/Log Jam)
  • elite gаbe, twitter tahifn, twitter spritefn (Believer Beach)
  • FS Bully iwnl, Fs elsa, BankTeller. (Steamy Stacks)
  • FS Dukame, DL Justice, twitter userzfn (Catty Corner/Weather Station)
  • Visxals, LG Jonathan., C9 Fryst (Misty Back Mountains)
  • TNG DXRANT, K2G SQUISH, Magnolia9966 (Risky Split/North Bridge)
  • Trаshу, TSM FTX Co1azo, lazarp (Corny Complex)
  • Voil-, Xcсept, xsnakeeze (Holly Hedges)
  • FаZe Bizzle, TNG Eclipsae, coop 1111 (Mid Map IO Base + Area)
  • Bezerkrr, ВRUТAL, glepo FR (Coral Castle)
  • TNA SLICKΜON, TNG Sharkman, Gоku 8 (Camp Cod/IO Base)
  • XTRA Illest, G2 MackWood, TRAGIX (Craggy Cliffs)
  • FLu Wrigley, FLU KBURBS, eRa Dictating (Catty Corner)
  • Chronic Jayѕ, K2G Kn1phishy, Doniee (Castle)

That does it for our NA East FNCS Season 7 Finals preview. These players have done all they could to this point in the season. Now, it’s up to them to put everything together for 12 matches. Be sure to tune in this weekend to see how the competition plays out!

Feature Image: Epic Games

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