Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 3 NA East Players To Watch For

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Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 3 NA East Players To Watch For

Professional Fortnite players are readying themselves for an intense FNCS tournament beginning this weekend.

For Chapter 2 РSeason 3, the solo format will take center-stage with $5 million on the line. Although players are often resistant to play solos, it's hard to pass up the opportunity to further establish themselves as one of the best players. The DreamHack Online Open featuring Fortnite provided a good preview of what to expect from a competitive standpoint.

The NA East region, in particular, features some of the world's best players. Liquid STRETCH dominantly won the DreamHack tournament. Many other NA East players are looking to follow that same path with hopes of earning the ultimate Victory Royale. Today we are looking at some of the top talents in NA East ahead of the FNCS competition.


Pro Fortnite player Stretch sitting in an open car

All eyes are on STRETCH ahead of the fourth seasonal Fortnite Champion Series tournament. He has improved immensely over his career, particularly in solos, despite not enjoying the format. STRETCH seems to have found his footing in Chapter 2 – Season 3. He just went out and won the NA East DreamHack Online Open convincingly. Sustainability is the ultimate question heading into the latest FNCS. These professional players will have to compete for nine hours on day one and nine hours on day two should they reach the Grand Finals both days. Eighteen hours of gameplay is enough to burn anyone out. We will have to wait and see if STRETCH can maintain a high level of play throughout the qualifiers.


Bugha raises his arms up to the crowd in celebration after taking a win during the Fortnite Championships in 2019

It's difficult to talk about any solo competition without mentioning the Fortnite World Cup Champion. Although he's gone through the ebbs and flows of Fortnite, Bugha remains one of the world's most talented players. Outside of the NA West DreamHack Online Open Semi-Finals, Bugha has not found the winners circle since November of 2019. Opting not to stream the upcoming FNCS might make or break his entire tournament. However, you can expect to see Bugha in the Grand Finals one way or another.

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Pro Fortnite player Khanada with a female ninja Fortnite character next to him

One of Team SoloMid's most polarizing Fornite talents just so happens to be one of their best. For those unaware, Kannada established himself as an outstanding solo player quite some time ago. He has three Solo Cash Cup victories to his credit, which sets him apart from many other NA East players. Pair those successes with a fourth-place finish in the FNCS Invitational last season, and you have one of the best solo players in the world. Keep an eye out for Khanada as he seeks his first major tournament victory.


The text "BBG BUCKE" appears next to a picture of Pro Fortnite player Bucke weaing sunglasses

On the heels of a storm surge scandal for the ages, Bucke is now with BBG and back into the competitive fold. From a solos standpoint, Bucke looks to be in better shape than ever. Since returning from his 30-day competitive ban, Bucke took fifth in the NA East DreamHack Online Open and followed up with a 54th on NA West. Talent has never been a question with Bucke, and it would be an insane redemption arc should he shine in the FNCS.


Like duo partner Bucke, Kreo sidelined himself in Chapter 2 – Season 2 for violating the long-standing collusion rule. However, Kreo has proved himself several times over in solo competitions. He took fourth place back at the Fortnite World Cup and has done well in Cash Cups here and there. Chapter 2 – Season 3 will be his first crack at the FNCS since placing 13th back in Chapter 2 – Season 1. The storyline revolves around how Kreo will bounce back from two straight missed competitions. However, Kreo, Bucke and Khanada have been tearing up the trio competitions.


Pro Fortnite player Dubs leaning back in a chair with a smug smile

FaZe Clan competitor Dubs has been on the upswing for the past couple of competitive Fortnite seasons. He performs consistently well in both Cash Cups and more reputable Fortnite tournaments. A few weeks ago, Dubs took second place in the NA East DreamHack Online Open behind Liquid Stretch. He recently endured a collusion suspension, causing him to miss the FNCS Invitational. Dubs will look to get back on track in the upcoming FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 3.


Pro Fortnite player Riversan sitting at a computer setup with a smirk

In recent months, we saw NA West standouts NRG Edgey and Liquid Cented journey to NA East and find immediate success. Team Liquid's Riversan has also added himself to that list. Since joining the NA East, the Fortnite World Cup Finalist won three Daily Trio Cups with Slackes and illest. NA West did not provide Riversan with the competition or prize pool needed to prove himself. Now on zero ping, Riversan has all the incentive to dominate NA East and further establish himself as one of the best.

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Ceice of the 100 Thieves organization seems to be rounding back into form after two straight disappointing FNCS tournaments. He and former duo partner FaZe Bizzle failed to reach the Grand Finals in Chapter 2 – Season 2. He then followed that up with another miss in the FNCS Invitational Reboot Round. After the debut of Chapter 2 – Season 3, Ceice has found success in trios and solos. He recently took 17th in the DreamHack Online Open NA East Grand Finals and seems to be embracing solos despite most players' aversion to the format.


Pro Fortnite player Unknown sitting and leaning forward with a serious expression

After switching to keyboard and mouse exclusively, Unknown has been rather quiet with his competitive Fortnite results. He failed to reach the Grand Finals of DreamHack's first-ever Online Open tournament. There are many questions about where his game is ahead of Chapter 2 – Season 3's FNCS. A few clips here and there have shown precisely where Unknown is after venturing away from a controller. It's an intriguing storyline to see where the NRG Esports competitor will land. Will Unknown continue to w-key everyone he sees? We won't know until he FNCS Qualifiers play out beginning next weekend.

There's no shortage of intriguing players as we prepare for the first-ever strictly solo FNCS tournament, not including the Invitational. Other notable names to consider are Clix, Bizzle, ZexRow, Aspect, Edgey, Cented. Be sure to tune into the broadcast this weekend to find out who will rise to the occasion in this new season of competitive Fortnite.

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