Fortnite: FNCS All-Star Showdown Solo Championship — Recap & Results

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Fortnite: FNCS All-Star Showdown Solo Championship — Recap & Results

ESTNN recaps the FNCS All-Star Showdown Solo Champions for all regions.

Epic Games introduced the All-Star Showdown to break up the monotony after Games introduced the All-Star Showdown to honor Fortnite’s elite competitors. This invite-only competition opened its doors to the best performing players of Chapter 2 – Season 5 and Season 6.

With a $3M USD prize pool at stake, the world’s top talents began the weekend competing in a variety of skill challenges such as the Blueprint Battle, Bullseye Bonanza, High Tier and Play For Keeps. The highly anticipated Solo Championship rounded out the weekend, where each region’s top 100 players battled for their share of $3M USD and ultimate prestige.

Only the best of the best would find their way to the top of the leaderboard. Join us as we recap the action from all seven competitive server regions and crown one champion in each!

Europe — TaySon Claims His Third FNCS Title

Guild Esports player Tai “TaySon” Starčič made a case for being perhaps the greatest of all time (GOAT) in competitive Fortnite after running through the European region. The now three-time FNCS winner made relatively easy work of the most impressive pool of players in Fortnite history. After a rough first game, TaySon rallied back with a vengeance.

He rifled off a Victory Royle, second and fifth over his next three matches, and capped off the day in style with a six-elimination win—his second of the day. The Slovenian phenom finished with 134 points, including 14 eliminations and two wins. TaySon’s FNCS All-Star Showdown win marked his third major title since Chapter 2 – Season 3 and he adds another $150K USD to his career earnings.

The only other player in striking distance of TaySon was rising star Veno, who put forth an admirable effort through all six matches. He managed 122 points despite not earning a Victory Royale and matched TaySon with 14 eliminations, securing an impressive $120K USD. Homyno airknn snuck into third and won $100K USD with a closing stretch of eighth, 14th and third.

  • 1st: GUILD TaySon 7 – 134 points ($150K)
  • 2nd: solo veno – 122 points ($120K)
  • 3rd: Homyno airknn – 85 points ($100K)
  • 4th: AOS nebs – 84 points ($80K)
  • 5th: Heretics K1nzеll – 83 points ($70K)
  • 6th: rezonyache32 – 80 points ($60K)
  • 7th: TRC trippernn – 79 points ($50K)
  • 8th: LootBoy Fastroki – 77 points ($40K)
  • 9th: GAMMA Th0masHD – 76 points ($30K)
  • 10th: King Michаel – 72 points ($25K)
  • 11th: LootBoy Slender – 72 points ($15K)
  • 12th: LB bubakмаsteя – 71 points ($15K)
  • 13th: BL Setty – 69 points ($15K)
  • 14th: TCE -shizokink – 66 points ($15K)
  • 15th: Grizi Snayzy – 58 points ($15K)

NA East — PaMstou Shocks the World

The Canada-born free agent known in-game as “PaMstou” did the unthinkable. He triumphed over some legendary names, including FS casqer and BBG Khanada, in what came down to the last match. PaMstou remained consistent the entire day, with 13 total eliminations and one Victory Royale, but a 27th-place finish in the final game sealed the deal. He secured a life-changing $75K USD and the notoriety of being an FNCS Champion.

FS casqer was on the brink of victory in game six, but a fifth-place result left him just short. Regardless, he played exceptionally well with ten eliminations and a Victory Royale in match three. His last game vaulted him to second and won him $50K USD. BBG Khanada led for most of the day but had three rough matches coming home. Still, he managed yet another impressive solo result and $45K USD third-place prize.

  • 1st: PaMstou – 104 points ($75K)
  • 2nd: FS casqer – 97 points ($50K)
  • 3rd: BBG Khanada1x – 94 points ($45K)
  • 4th: LG Slackes – 87 points ($35K)
  • 5th: ENDLESS TRAGIX – 86 points ($30K)
  • 6th: FаZe Dubs ϟ – 81 points ($27K)
  • 7th: BBG Bucke – 81 points ($22K)
  • 8th: Peterbot . – 74 points ($18K)
  • 9th: XSET Ceice – 72 points ($14K)
  • 10th: NRG Edgey – 71 points ($11K)
  • 11th: TSM FTX Comadon – 68 points ($6.5K)
  • 12th: Fаtch – 68 points ($6.5K)
  • 13th: kwаh – 67 points ($6.5K)
  • 14th: 1P Acornski – 66 points ($6.5K)
  • 15th: FS DEGEN – 65 points ($6.5K)
All Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 4 Leaks - Battle Pass Skins

NA West

Regional legend River “Riversan” Handley returned to form to round out the competition. He grabbed the lead over some of NA West’s most notable names and held onto it to the end. Riversan’s day began with a third-place followed by a Victory Royale respectively in games one and two. The former Team Liquid player did just enough to stave off surging competitors Frapai, EpikWhale and Reet. Riversan ended with 110 points, a Victory Royale and 14 eliminations, netting him $135K USD.

Frapai had a legitimate chance to win heading into the final match. He had two wins in his pocket and a top-ten finish likely would’ve clinched the tournament. The underrated NA West pro settled for second on the leaderboard after finishing 58th in the last game. The prize of $25K USD is not a bad consolation.

Top controller player XTRA Reet found his way into the top three with 98 points. He managed 15 eliminations across six matches—the second-highest mark of the region. Reet earned himself a solid $22.5K USD. The always-impressive EpikWhale landed in fourth with 88 points, securing him $17.5K USD.

  • 1st: Bloom Riversаn – 110 points ($35K)
  • 2nd: Frapai – 98 points ($25K)
  • 3rd: XTRA Reet1x. – 97 points ($22.5K)
  • 4th: NRG EpikWhale4x – 88 points ($17.5K)
  • 5th: CLG TAY-K – 87 points ($15K)
  • 6th: dylannx. – 83 points ($13.5K)
  • 7th: Pure BatmanBugha – 80 points ($11K)
  • 8th: norcal alithy23 – 76 points ($9K)
  • 9th: mаken – 72 points ($7K)
  • 10th: tinachіcken – 69 points ($5.5K)
  • 11th: TRNL exe7 – 68 points ($3.75K)
  • 12th: 100T Arkhram. – 67 points ($3.75K)
  • 13th: DL Nigel – 67 points ($3.75K)
  • 14th: CRIIZUX. – 66 points ($3.75K)
  • 15th: TurtleTavern – 64 points ($3.75K)

Brazil — Xeat Rallis Back to Win

Team LEISER player “Xeat” bounced back from a troubling start in the Brazilian region. He followed two subpar matches up with a Victory Royale in game three, putting him back in contention. Xeat finished the competition with a third and sixth-place finish, handing him the victory and $35K USD. In total, the Brazilian player earned 12 eliminations and 96 points.

  • 1st: LEISER xeat0n – 96 points ($35K)
  • 2nd: fishў11 – 94 points ($25K)
  • 3rd: SRN Phzin Ӝ – 89 points ($22.5K)
  • 4th: NEW Insaи – 88 points ($17.5K)
  • 5th: Its Filipе – 87 points ($15K)
  • 6th: TCE spıtflow – 86 points ($13.5K)
  • 7th: fazer ay ӝ – 79 points ($11K)
  • 8th: faze kіng – 79 points ($9K)
  • 9th: LOUD Frosтy – 73 points ($7K)
  • 10th: LuLuzito ӝ – 72 points ($5.5K)
  • 11th: 9z facu3zr – 70 points ($3.75K)
  • 12th: eRa cadu 乡 – 69 points ($3.75K)
  • 13th: STN Neno – 68 points ($3.75K)
  • 14th: TCE guneves – 66 points ($3.75K)
  • 15th: bаguk1ng – 60 points ($3.75K)
All Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 4 Leaks - Battle Pass Skins

Middle East — Speedy Triumphs in a Two-Man Showdown

The Middle East region came down to two players in the closing moments. Falcon Esports player “xSpeedy” closed the tournament with a clutch four-elimination second-place result to win. SAQR player “7man” was the only player close behind xSpeedy, and he made it exciting until the very end with a Victory Royale in game six. Unfortunately for 7man, xSpeedy’s 123 points earned him the FNCS title and $20K USD.

  • 1st: Falcon xSpeedy – 123 points ($20K)
  • 2nd: SAQR 7manツ – 103 points ($12K)
  • 3rd: KINGS AbuFal7 – 87 points ($11K)
  • 4th: Hawk Mansour – 85 points ($9K)
  • 5th: SCYTES Balor – 83 points ($7.5K)
  • 6th: KINGS Metabero – 79 points ($6K)
  • 7th: Falcon Yonx – 74 points ($5.5K)
  • 8th: SAQR Njﱞby – 74 points ($4.5K)
  • 9th: Deattr0 – 70 points ($3.5K)
  • 10th: Falcon Spy1422 – 68 points ($2.5K)
  • 11th: Xx731 ツ – 67 points ($1.8K)
  • 12th: SCYTES RecseiloV – 67 points ($1.8K)
  • 13th: Falcon Rv – 66 points ($1.8K)
  • 14th: SAQR Souriаnо – 65 points ($1.8K)
  • 15th: Falcon Phantom. – 64 points ($1.8K)


Runa executed a consistent strategy that yielded victory in the Asian region. His average placement of 14.33 led the tournament by a wide margin, and 13 eliminations helped elevate him to the top spot. His day ended with 115 points, and that was good enough for $20K USD.

  • 1st: Runa King 7 – 115 points ($20K)
  • 2nd: alice 74 – 107 points ($12K)
  • 3rd: ce seakhram. – 96 points ($11K)
  • 4th: GW_dokn – 91 points ($9K)
  • 5th: Misty Aim – 81 points ($7.5K)
  • 6th: OWM Stork 1 – 77 points ($6K)
  • 7th: ALBA Monster – 77 points ($5.5K)
  • 8th: ぼっととReet – 77 points ($4.5K)
  • 9th: しゅんしゃんだ – 77 points ($3.5K)
  • 10th: overStun. – 74 points ($2.5K)
  • 11th: ALBAひろ – 71 points ($1.8K)
  • 12th: lcf Ryle 7 – 71 points ($1.8K)
  • 13th: Ruiサナ – 70 points ($1.8K)
  • 14th: WZD OTOME – 67 points ($1.8K)
  • 15th: fa1zzу – 67 points ($1.8K)

Oceania — Volx Shuts the Door Spectacularly

Eight-time FNCS Champion volx reminded everyone how good he is at solos with a dominant showing in the OCE region. The stacked leaderboard remained close until the end, but veteran player volx did not waver. He ended the day in perhaps the most outstanding fashion with a second, fourth and third-place finish and 16 eliminations. Volx’s 120 points put him comfortably ahead of the field and collected $20K USD.

  • 1st: volx – 120 points ($20K)
  • 2nd: fury nosh – 97 points ($12K)
  • 3rd: Lord of Stealthy – 97 points ($11K)
  • 4th: JFT scamguine – 95 points ($9K)
  • 5th: TNA looter – 83 points ($7.5K)
  • 6th: TNA Muz – 82 points ($6K)
  • 7th: Tyraxe – 81 points ($5.5K)
  • 8th: rhyzah – 80 points ($4.5K)
  • 9th: Movrickzrr – 80 points ($3.5K)
  • 10tg: Sоrif – 79 points ($2.5K)
  • 11th: Mako Baily – 79 points ($1.8K)
  • 12th: x2 ルダン – 76 points ($1.8K)
  • 13th: 6S chainz – 68 points ($1.8K)
  • 14th: PWR alecc – 67 points ($1.8K)
  • 15th: xalkbulla – 64 points ($1.8K)

That concludes ESTNN’s coverage of the FNCS All-Star Showdown Solo Championship. Be sure to revisit the streams to see how all of the action played out.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates!

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