Fortnite: FNCS All-Star Showdown — Blueprint Battle & Bullseye Bonanza Results

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Fortnite: FNCS All-Star Showdown — Blueprint Battle & Bullseye Bonanza Results

Find out who out-edited and out-aimed the competition on the opening day of Fortnite’s FNCS All-Star Showdown!

The FNCS All-Star Showdown weekend is officially underway. Before getting into the $3M USD Solo Championship, players had the chance to showcase their skills in a set of meticulously designed Creative maps. Epic Games worked in conjunction with some outstanding architects to produce venues where players could flex their editing, aiming and building techniques.

Day one pitted each region’s best editors and aimers against one another in two separate head-to-head battles. The Blueprint Battle led the way, tasking players with completing an edit course faster than their opponent. Then, a different pool of players partook in the Bullseye Bonanza to see who has the superior aim.

We break down how each bracket played out in the European, NA East and NA West regions!

Europe – Blueprint Battle

Become Legends player Noahreyli had all the pressure on him. Many consider his mechanics as perhaps the best in the world, and this platform gave him the chance to prove his capability. The German player did just that, riding through the winner’s bracket, where he defeated fam-favorite NRG benjyfishy in a close match.

Here is a recap of all the action for EU’s Blueprint Battle:

Winners Matches

  1. Chapix over Crr
  2. Noahreyli over Refsgaard
  3. Th0masHD over 4zr
  4. Jur3ky over benjyfishy
  5. Noahreyli over Chapix
  6. Th0masHD over Jur3ky

Winners Finals: Noahreyli over Th0masHD

Losers Matches

  1. Refsgaard over Crr
  2. benjyfishy over 4zr
  3. Ju3ky over Refsgaard
  4. benjyfishy over Chapix
  5. benjyfishy over Jur3ky

Losers Finals: benjyfishy over Th0masHD

Grand Finals

Results: Noahreyli over benjyfishy

Finals Results:

1st: Noahreyli ($10K)
2nd: benjyfishy ($7.5K)
3rd: Th0masHD ($5K)
4th: Jur3ky ($2.5K)
5th-8th: crr, 4zr, Refsgaard & Chapix ($1.25K each)

Europe – Bullseye Bonanza

Fortnite icon Liquid mitr0 followed a similar path to Noahreyli in the Bullseye Bonanza. He quickly dispatched all his opponents in the loser’s bracket, including long-time teammate FaZe Mongraal. The two would meet once again in the finals, but mitr0 proved too much to handle.

Here is how the bracket played out:

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Winners Matches

  1. mitr0 over Hen
  2. Endretta over Vadeal
  3. Anas over Nayte (DQ)
  4. Mongraal over Queasy
  5. mitr0 over Endretta
  6. Mongraal over Anas

Winners Finals: mitr0 over Mongraal

Losers Matches

  1. Hen over Vadeal
  2. Queasy over Nayte
  3. Anas over Hen
  4. Endretta over Queasy
  5. Endretta over Anas

Losers Finals: Mongraal over Endretta

Grand Finals

Results: mitr0 over Mongraal

Finals Results:

1st: mitr0 ($10K)
2nd: Mongraal ($7.5K)
3rd: Endretta ($5K)
4th: Anas ($2.5K)
5th-8th: nayte, Vadeal, Hen & Queasy ($1.25K each)

NA East – Blueprint Battle

Moving over to NA East, two players stood out amongst the rest — BBG Khanada and NRG Edgey. While sprite made a formidable run, fate played out in front of our very eyes as Edgey and Khanada would meet in the Grand Finals. It was close, but Edgey reset the bracket and claimed the crown of NA East’s fastest editor over Khanada.

Here is a recap of the NA East Blueprint Battle bracket:

Winners Matches

  1. sprite over Jahq
  2. Khanada over STRETCH
  3. Edgey over skqttles
  4. Felix over Mero
  5. Khanada over sprite
  6. Edgey over Felix

Winners Finals: Khanada over Edgey

Losers Matches

  1. Jahq over STRETCH
  2. skqttles over Mero
  3. Jahq over Felix
  4. sprite over skqttles
  5. sprite over Jahq

Losers Finals: Edgey over sprite

Grand Finals

Match 1: Edgey over Khanada
Reset Results: Edgey over Khanada

Finals Results:

1st: Edgey ($10K)
2nd: Khanada ($7.5K)
3rd: sprite ($5K)
4th: Jahq ($2.5K)
5th-8th: skqttles, STRETCH, Mero & Felix ($1.25K each)

NA East – Bullseye Bonanza

NA East’s aiming competition produced some surprises. Many believed FaZe Cented to be the favorite, but FS Degen and G2 MackWood would ultimately meet in the finals. Degen made an admirable loser’s bracket run en route to a finals bracket reset. However, a technical issue forced a restart, allowing MackWood to claim victory.

Here is a full rundown of the bracket:

Winners Matches

  1. Acorn over Coop
  2. MackWood over Saf
  3. Degen over Cented
  4. Reverse2k over Furious
  5. MackWood over Acorn
  6. Degen over Reverse2k

Winners Finals: MackWood over Degen

Losers Matches

  1. Saf over Coop
  2. Cented over Furious
  3. Reverse2k over Saf
  4. Cented over Acorn
  5. Reverse2k over Cented

Losers Finals: Degen over Reverse2k

Grand Finals

Match 1: Degen over MackWood
Reset Results: MackWood over Degen

Finals Results:

1st: MackWood ($10K)
2nd: Degen ($7.5K)
3rd: Reverse2k ($5K)
4th: Cented ($2.5K)
5th-8th: Saf, Acorn, Furious & Coop ($1.25K each)

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NA West – Blueprint Battle

The competition moved west to end the night, and the mechanics of Chronic Cozz floored all who watched. Despite squaring off against four-time FNCS Champion NRG EpikWhale, Cozz remained calm and put on a clinic, ultimately walking away with the victory.

Here is how the NAW Blueprint Battle played out:

Winners Matches

  1. EpikWhale over Riversan
  2. Nigel over Jucy72
  3. Cozz over Snacky
  4. tinachicken over Tautai
  5. EpikWhale over Nigel
  6. Cozz over tinachicken

Winners Finals: Cozz over EpikWhale

Losers Finals

  1. Riversan over Jucy72
  2. Snacky over Tautai
  3. tinachicken over Riversan
  4. Snacky over Nigel
  5. Snacky over tinachicken

Losers Finals: EpikWhale over Snacky

Grand Finals

Results: Cozz over EpikWhale

Final Results:

1st: Cozz ($5K)
2nd: EpikWhale ($3K)
3rd: Snacky ($1.5K)
4th: tinachicken ($1K)
5th-8th: Riversan, Nigel, Jucy72 & Tautai ($500 each)

NA West – Bullseye Bonanza

XTRA Kenshi looked rather dominant through the Bullseye Bonanza, taking out outstanding players such as 100T rehx, TRNL Wheels and eventually CLG Symetrical in the finals. Kenshi grabbed himself the aiming crown in the NA West region and $5K USD to boot.

Here is a recap of the entire bracket:

Winners Matches

  1. rehx over Falconer
  2. Nani over Quinn
  3. Kenshi over 4DRStorm
  4. Wheels over Symetrical
  5. rehx over Nani
  6. Kenshi over Wheels

Winners Finals: Kenshi over rehx

Losers Match

  1. Falconer over Quinn
  2. Symetrical over 4DRStorm
  3. Falconer over Wheels
  4. Symetrical over Nani
  5. Symetrical over Falconer

Losers Finals: Symetrical over rehx

Grand Finals

Results: Kenshi over Symetrical

Final Results:

1st: Kenshi ($5K)
2nd: Symetrical ($3K)
3rd: rehx ($1.5K)
4th: Falconer ($1K)
5th-8th: Wheels, Quinn, Nani & 4DRStorm ($500 each)

Fastest Blueprint Battle Times

Epic Games provided all regional Blueprint Battle winners and their fastest time. Rynm7 of the Brazilian region earned a 2:51, and NRG Edgey came close with a 2:52.

The FNCS All-Star Showdown skill challenges continue today with the High Tier. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more results and coverage leading up to the $3M USD Solo Championship!

Feature Image: Epic Games

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