Fortnite: FNCS All-Star Showdown — High Tier Results

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Fortnite: FNCS All-Star Showdown — High Tier Results

ESTNN recaps the High Tier skill challenge from the second day of the FNCS All-Star Showdown.

Day two of the FNCS All-Star Showdown is in the books. Yesterday, top players across all regions competed in the Blueprint Battle and Bullseye Bonanza for cash prizes and bragging rights. On the second day of competition, players endured High Tier — a skill challenge that tests building, tunneling and water falling. Participants went head-to-head against each other and the best time of two runs advanced in the bracket.

Join us as we recap the results in Europe, NA East and NA West!

Europe – High Tier

Two-time FNCS Champion Tai “TaySon” Starčič proved too fast for all other formidable players to handle. He ran through the winners bracket, taking out players such as Flikk, Fortnite World Cup Champion aqua and DreamHack Anaheim winner MrSavage. JannisZ — TaySon’s organizational teammate and former duo partner — made the losers bracket run but ultimately lost to TaySon in the final match.

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Winners Matches

  1. JannisZ over Freemok
  2. MrSavage over Rezon
  3. TaySon over Flikk
  4. Aqua over TruleX
  5. MrSavage over JannisZ
  6. TaySon over aqua
  7. TaySon over MrSavage

Winners Finals: TaySon over MrSavage

Losers Matches

  1. Freemok over Rezon
  2. Flikk over TruleX
  3. Freemok over aqua
  4. JannisZ over Flikk
  5. JannisZ over Freemok

Losers Finals: JannisZ over MrSavage

Grand Finals

Results: TaySon over JannisZ

Final Results

1st: TaySon ($10K)
2nd: JannisZ ($7.5K)
3rd: MrSavage ($5K)
4th: Freemok ($2.5K)
5th-8th: Flikk, aqua, TruleX and Rezon ($1.25K)

NA East – High Tier

Ajerss put together arguably the best performance out of all three major regions. He seemed a step ahead of everyone he went up against and it wasn’t close. Ajerss regularly our up 2:16s with ease and never endured any adversity during the competition. He mastered High Tier and ran through the competition, ultimately defeating STRETCH in the Grand Finals.

Winners Matches

  1. Bugha over Slackes
  2. STRETCH over Khanada
  3. Ajerss over Commandment
  4. nut over Deyy
  5. STRETCH over Bugha
  6. Ajerss over nut

Winners Finals: Ajerss over STRETCH

Losers Matches

  1. Khanada over Slackes
  2. Commandment over Deyy
  3. Khanada over nut
  4. Bugha over Commandment
  5. Khanada over Bugha

Losers Finals: STRETCH over Khanada

Grand Finals

Results: Ajerss over STRETCH

Final Results

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1st: Ajerss ($10K)
2nd: STRETCH ($7.5K)
3rd: Khanada ($5K)
4th: Bugha ($2.5K)
5th-8th: Slackes, Deyy, nut and Commandment ($1.25K)

NA West – High Tier

Favs followed a similar path to Ajerss of the NA East region. The long-time West professional player functioned on a different level than his opponents. His performance resulted in a 2:12, which broke the record. Favs dispatched Adambaeb in the Grand Finals and collected his $5K USD in winnings. It was quite a performance out of an underrated competitor.

Winners Matches

  1. Favs over Arkhram
  2. Dylannx over Bluzro
  3. Chris over Adambaeb
  4. Caleb over wavyjacob
  5. Favs over Dylannx
  6. Chris over Caleb

Winners Finals: Favs over Chris

Losers Matches

  1. Arkhram over Bluzro
  2. Adambaeb over wavyjacob (DQ)
  3. Arkhram over Caleb
  4. Adambaeb over Dylannx
  5. Adambaeb over Arkhram

Losers Finals: Adambaeb over Chris

Grand Finals

Results:  Favs over Adambaeb

Final Results

1st: Favs ($5K)
2nd: Adambaeb ($3K)
3rd: Chris ($1.5K)
4th: Arkhram ($1K)
5th-8th: Bluzro, Caleb and Dylannx ($500 each)

We’ll be back tomorrow with coverage of the “Play For Keeps” 3v3 challenge, so stay tuned for more from ESTNN!

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