Fortnite: European Players Mexe and Verox Join Enterprise Gaming

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Fortnite: European Players Mexe and Verox Join Enterprise Gaming

Enterprise Gaming is new to the Fortnite scene and they’ve added two top European talents to their growing roster.

European standouts Layton ‘Mexe’ Partridge and Jacob ‘Verox’ Gilbert have signed deals with up-and-coming organization Enterprise Gaming. The organization announced its most recent acquisitions on Twitter earlier today. After parting ways respectively with Team Secret and Fnatic, Mexe and Verox have landed themselves back in the sponsorship circle. Enterprise Gaming’s Fortnite roster continues to grow after arriving on the scene earlier this month. The European-based franchise recently picked up a slew of rising talent, including Aleksa ‘Queasy’ Cvetkovic, Maage and Arun ‘Kylix’ Swift.

Enterprise Gaming Announces New Additions

A YouTube video accompanied Enterprise Gaming’s Twitter announcement regarding the pick-up of Mexe and Verox. The two and a half minute video features a compilation of clips from the two English-natives. Both players pinned their new organization announcement to their respective Twitter accounts as well. These two are staples in the European scene and found an offer they couldn’t refuse.

The History of Mexe and Verox

The duo of Mexe and Verox have been contenders in the European Fortnite scene since late-2018. Verox spent the vast majority of his career with Fnatic. The same longevity applies to Mexe, who began his tenure with Team Secret back in September of 2019 and lasted until the organization’s bitter-end in Fortnite. Both players have come into a modicum of success through the years. Mexe reached the Fortnite World Cup with former duo partner Skram and finished in 45th place. He also took 35th place at the DreamHack Anaheim offline event earlier this year.

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As a tandem, Mexe and Verox began teaming back in January of this year. The two reached their peak just two weeks ago with a sixth-place finish in the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS Finals. It seems that Mexe and Verox will continue teaming together for future duo events.

Enterprise Gaming Continues to Expand

We previously stated that Enterprise Gaming is aggressively singing young talent within the professional Fortnite scene. With nearly 4K followers on Twitter, Enterprise is finding its footing in the community. New organizations often breed a bit of discontent, especially in Fortnite. There exists a long history of green organizations, who promise money and contracts to players without delivering. Enterprise, however, seems a bit different in that Founder and CEO Robert Maxwell exhibited a genuine interest in esports, and it all begins with Fortnite. We can expect more signings from Enterprise Gaming shortly with so many talented players on the free-agent market.

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