Team Secret Withdraws from Fortnite and Releases its Roster

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Team Secret Withdraws from Fortnite and Releases its Roster

Team Secret explains their decision to leave Fortnite.

Organizations within Fortnite have had a rough go as of late. Many highly recognizable esports brands have ultimately released their rosters, and thus, discontinued their interest and participation in competitive Fortnite. These continued trends have impacted players significantly. It forces a scenario on players where they have to seek sponsorship from lesser recognized teams or fund their esports journeys.

Today, another original Fortnite organization has called it quits after first involving themselves back in April of 2018. Team Secret announced on Twitter that Fortnite changed significantly over the years. Therefore they cannot justify continuing on this path as a result.

Team Secret Calls it Quits

In a Tweet posted earlier today on Twitter, Team Secret officially announced the release of their entire Fortnite roster. In addition to this, the European organization will no longer involve themselves in Fortnite. Team Secret released a statement alongside their announcement, which lends some insight into why the organization made its decision:

“Today marks the end of a journey that began two years ago. Fortnite has been a great ride but is developing a bit differently than what we expected. Today, we announce our exit from @FortniteGame. Thank you to the members of #SecretFortnite”

The organization's Twitter account followed this up with a bit of context for this decision.

“While Fortnite is still a great content creator and player platform, unfortunately, it's making less and less sense for competitive orgs to be involved. We may find a role in Fortnite in the future but for now, Thank you and farewell to all members of #SecretFortnite.”

Team Secret's reasoning mirrors many of the organizations that have followed the same path. There is not a whole lot of incentive for these worldwide esports brands to remain in Fortnite. As expected, Team Secret released several noteworthy European professional Fortnite players who will now enter the free-agent market.

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Entire Roster Released

Konrad “Skram” Skram, Domeniks “Domentos” Bunts and Layton “Mexe” Partridge were the only remaining players on a once expansive roster. Most notably, FaZe Clan's Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson spent over a year with Team Secret. The organization then transferred his rights over to FaZe Clan, where he has been ever since. Skram, Mexe and Domentos have accomplished a lot in the European scene.

Mexe and Skram qualified for the Fortnite World Cup as a duo and finished in 45th under a different organization's banner. Domentos has been one of the mainstays of Team Secret. He previously teamed with Mongraal and has been with Team Secret since the very beginning. Mexe, Skram and Domentos will now enter the free-agent scene with a lot to offer prospective organizations.

Another One Bites the Dust

It seems as if organizations leaving Fortnite is a monthly occurrence. Thus far, we've seen Fnatic, Lazarus Esports, Na'Vi, Tempo Storm and many others exit Fortnite primarily for similar reasons. Fortnite focuses mainly on individual players and does not offer the same team atmosphere as other games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends and DOTA 2. Several of these organizations jumped on the bandwagon during the Fortnite World Cup, but the Fortnite landscape is much different.

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Current Fortnite tournaments vary in terms of their format. A lot of them are solo competitions: the best Fortnite Champion Series duos, trios and squads in the past featured players from different organizations. Team Secret, unfortunately, joins a long list of reputable brands who fail to see the purpose of pursuing Fortnite any further.

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