Fortnite: Epic Removes Fire Effect, Most Cars Ahead of FNCS C3:S2

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Fortnite: Epic Removes Fire Effect, Most Cars Ahead of FNCS C3:S2

Competitive Fortnite players everywhere breathed a sigh of relief today following an unexpected but welcomed adjustment to the game.

For the last few weeks, competitors have been critical of the game’s state this season. Players cited the power of vehicles, hackers continuing to plague tournaments and poor communication from the developers as primary examples. Epic responded quickly, removing the controversial vehicle Repair Tool from competitive playlists. 

Another unexpected yet significant change from Epic Games followed one day later. The developers removed most vehicles and eliminated the fire effect from competitive game modes. Epic cited server issues as the primary reason, which the competitive scene commended, recognizing this is a favorable decision. 

Player Frustrations Boil Over

The Fortnite Status Twitter account revealed that vehicles would become rare, effective immediately—quite the difference compared to competitive modes last week. Several clips went viral during this week’s Duos Cash Cup Finals. The end games featured an overwhelming amount of vehicles with Chonker’s Off-Road tires and far too many Repair Tools. As a result, players could sit in their cars and avoid fighting while simultaneously accumulating placement points. A Twitlonger from five-time FNCS Champion Mero sparked a communal outcry.

Foundational Change Ahead of FNCS

Since then, Epic has vaulted the Repair Tool, and now vehicles have become more challenging to find. Furthermore, the fire effect will no longer appear in Arena Mode and tournaments. Epic’s solution would ideally improve server performance and make end games smoother. These two changes are clear signs that Epic listened to the community and, in this case, acted accordingly. 

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Some Professional Players Take Issue

Most top players commended Epic’s changes to competitive Fortnite ahead of the FNCS. However, others felt it was too sudden with the first Qualifier only a few days away. Many teams will have to restructure their strategies, loot paths, rotations and Storm Surge spots. A brilliant in-game leader who knows how to move around the map effectively just became a necessity. 

Veteran competitors Mack “G2 MackWood” Aesoph mocked the adjustments, saying now you’ll die more frequently to the Burst Assault Rifle while rotating. Unfortunately, it’s a lose-lose situation for Epic Games. Not every player will unanimously agree on such a pivotal change, but there were no other options. Improved server performance is undoubtedly a fair trade-off for fewer vehicles. 

The FNCS begins on Monday with the first of three Qualifiers. We’ll keep a close eye on how the games play out and emphasize server performance significantly. 

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