Fortnite: Epic Heard Your Pleas, Disable Pre-Edit Option To Come Next Year

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Fortnite: Epic Heard Your Pleas, Disable Pre-Edit Option To Come Next Year

Epic addresses backlash from the “disable pre-edit” option in the latest Fortnite update.

Fortnite developer Epic Games released the first patch of Chapter 2 - Season 5 yesterday, and one particular aspect did not go so well. Early patch notes indicated that the developers would finally adhere to player concerns regarding pre-edits. Epic alleged that an option to disable the controversial mechanic would debut post-patch, but players quickly noticed that this was not the case. Instead of adding the option, Epic merely offered a slider to reset pre-built pieces upon entering edit mode. This change, although beneficial, was not quite what players wanted.

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New Pre-Edit Setting

Players took issue with Epic’s attempt to address pre-edit concerns. Testing the new “Reset Edits When Entering Build Mode” option revealed what most feared would happen. Instead of disabling pre-edits, this setting resets pre-edits whenever you leave and re-enter build mode. It’s not a bad change by any means, especially for controller players. Fortnite caster and content creator Reisshub explained the difference in the short video above.

The new option benefits controller players most of all. Regardless, this was not what Fortnite fans wanted to see. The response was overwhelming, but thankfully, Epic Games decided to provide an additional update.

Epic Addresses ‘Disable Pre-Edit’ Confusion

The @FortniteStatus Twitter account provided a much-needed response to the backlash regarding the pre-edit setting.

“We understand we missed the mark in adding an option to disable pre-edits in the 15.10. We know many of you find pre-editing unnecessary and would like a setting where you’re not able to edit a build until the build is in place". The tweet continued. "We plan to adjust the setting early next year.”

This statement confirms the miscommunication from the pre-15.10 creator patch notes. Players asked for an option to turn off pre-edits, and Epic provided a different setting entirely. The developers have improved their communication significantly over time.

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Why is Pre-Editing so Controversial?

For the last three years, players both competitive and casual have campaigned for an option to disable pre-edits. In Fortnite, editing has become an integral part of the game. It’s nearly impossible to queue into a public or competitive match without encountering a player who edits extremely fast. Pre-edits are a detriment to players, particularly those who rely on the flashy triple edits. The change in patch 15.10 indeed addressed the concerns, but it “missed the mark,” as Epic stated. Now, Fortnite fans will have to wait until 2021 for a “Disable Pre-Edit” option.

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