Fortnite: Epic Games Plans To Disable Pre-Edits … Eventually

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Fortnite: Epic Games Plans To Disable Pre-Edits … Eventually

Will pre-edits change anytime soon?

Fortnite: Battle Royale has come a long way since the days before players cranked ‘90s, tunneled and relied on edits to elevate their gameplay. Building and editing have become arguably the most essential aspects for Fortnite players in the year 2020. Unfortunately, editing is not always the most reliable mechanic. A feature in Fortnite called pre-editing has plagued both casual and competitive players since its introduction. It can cause clunky edits and is more of a chore to deal with than anything else.

Pre-editing never became a useful mechanic to Fortnite players. Some content creators have workshopped ways to utilize it, but it’s often situational and gimmicky.  Additionally, pre-editing can prevent players from executing edits properly, which forces them to exit and re-enter edit mode. It can be really frustrating to deal with in the middle of a fight. Given the backlash, one could only hope that the developers would offer players an option to turn off pre-edits.

The collective community has campaigned for a long time for this setting. An Epic Games employee spoke recently on the FortniteCompetitive subreddit, promising that the feature would appear, eventually.

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Community Creator Addresses Request

Reddit user VicLate created a post on the competitive subreddit, urging Epic Games to offer an option to disable pre-edits. The clip included depicts the broken mechanic accurately. Although the player has his blueprint in hand, he cannot edit any of the walls in front of him. Instead, the pre-edit mechanic rears its ugly head, prompting the player to edit a build that he has not even placed yet. Hence, the struggles that Fortnite players have endured for far too long.

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Another Reddit user and Epic Games Community Manager – TheStevieT – responded to the Reddit post. “We don’t have an exact timetable, but we’re going to do it. Don’t worry about followers ;),” he said. The initial post references the recent @FNCompetitive Twitter account’s successful push to reach 1 million followers. It seems that Epic has not forgotten about the overwhelming urges to offer a disable pre-edit option.

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A Fix Over a Year in the Making

‘Actively considering’ 6 months later from FortniteCompetitive

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Epic responded to player requests regarding pre-edits. Around June 2019, an Epic Games employee stated, “Yes, this [disabling pre-edits] is a topic we’re actively considering, and we will update you on when future plans are firm” in an ask me anything (AMA) Reddit thread. It is now October 2020, and the comment from TheStevieT is the only reference anyone has seen. Epic is notorious for moving slowly with glaring issues in Fortnite. Case and point is the slow glider bug, which dates back to early 2019.

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The developers just recently fixed the glider bug completely, and it took a long time for the resolution. It feels that the process is repeating with pre-edits. Perhaps, this type of adjustment requires much more effort than meets the eye. But over a year of no forward action regarding pre-edits is a bit concerning. We can only hope that the recent response from an actual Epic Games employee means they trend in the right direction.

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