Fortnite Competitive Twitter Account Reaches 1 Million Followers, Releases Arena Duos

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Fortnite Competitive Twitter Account Reaches 1 Million Followers, Releases Arena Duos

@FNCompetitive surpasses a follower goal in an hour.

Fortnite’s Competitive Twitter account has been on fire as of late with insane amounts of memes and dedicated tournament coverage. The account’s latest impression farming ploy took place earlier today, with a bombshell of a tweet. Just 60,000 followers short of one million, the @FNCompetitive Twitter account promised to release Arena Duos should they reach 1 million followers. In only one hour, @FNCompetitive reached its goal and subsequently unlocked Arena Duos for all Fortnite players.

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The Initial Tweet

With DreamHack recently switching to a duos format, competitive Fortnite players and fans worldwide instantly campaigned for Epic Games to release Arena Duos. Not many thought this request would come to fruition. At 11:15 AM EST, @FNCompetitive tweeted, “1M Followers = Duos Arena. No cap,” the entire competitive scene exploded with excitement. Top players like Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish, Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen, and even the DreamHack Fortnite account retweeted the post for millions of followers to see. It took just over one hour for @FNCompetitive to improve from 943,200 followers to over 1 million. Shortly after, Epic Games released Arena Duos to a collective outpouring of support.

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Goal Reached – Arena Duos Unlocked

Pro player for NRG Esports – benjyfishy – watched the entire situation unfold during his Twitch stream. He and trio teammates MrSavage and LeTsHe watched with anticipation as @FNCompetitive moved closer and closer to 1 million followers. Benjy reloaded his game after watching the Twitter account surpass its goal, and Arena Duos appeared in all of its glory. It’s one of the most unprecedented social media experiments in competitive Fortnite history. This month, @FNCompetitive improved from an informative Twitter account to one riddled with enjoyable memes and relevant competitive updates.

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Epic Games Does Listen After All

Ghost Gaming member nanolite summed up the experience in one simple Twitter message with the “how it started, how it ended” meme. Benjyfishy took it one step further, asking if Epic would consider duos Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) at 1.5 million followers. Not a single player can complain about what just transpired over the last two hours. These types of gestures should serve as a reminder that Epic Games does listen to the community. Players can now ready themselves for the Duos DreamHack Online Open.

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Perhaps this all means that next season’s FNCS will return to a duos format. Whatever the case may be, Epic has significantly stepped up its social media game, and their efforts are paying dividends.

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