Fortnite: Epic Debuts Arena Zone Wars Game Mode

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Fortnite: Epic Debuts Arena Zone Wars Game Mode

Epic Games introduces a new Arena Mode game type in Fortnite.

Competitive Fortnite Battle Royale is a constantly evolving landscape with new players and techniques emerging each day. After some resistance, Epic Games has finally embraced the scene for all it has to offer. The competitive scene encompasses a lot, including savvy box fights, building, editing, aiming, evading and more. Epic has deployed a new Arena game mode, dubbed Zone Wars, where duos can work on perfecting their endgame strategies and dealing with the chaos.

Arena Zone Wars

The developers released a blog post today regarding the new Arena playlist. Much like Arena Box Fight and Arena: FFA before it, Arena Zone Wars is the ideal Fortnite endgame simulator. Sixteen duos will queue into Arena Zone Wars with the common goal of staying ahead of the moving storm circle and outlasting the other teams. The new game mode includes its own separate Hype system, and Epic worked directly with the Zone Wars map creator known as Enigma to make this happen.

Arena Zone Wars is available in-game today, August 10. Epic plans to roll out more game modes to give players a chance to polish their competitive Fortnite skills.

“Our current plans for Creative Arena modes will include some of the more traditional competitive games made in Creative that supplement the core Fortnite competitive skills – aiming, building, and editing. Our aim is to have a regular cadence of other competitive offerings for Arena.”

This news is great to hear for competitors that want Fortnite to grow and succeed as an esports title. Perhaps the fan-favorite Bugha’s Late Game will return down the line and become a permanent option. Arena Zone Wars will most likely be a limited-time game mode, so be sure to jump in with a friend and experience it for yourself!

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