Fortnite: Dragacorn Glider Disabled in Competitive Playlists

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Fortnite: Dragacorn Glider Disabled in Competitive Playlists

The Deadpool Dragacorn Glider has been disabled, and the developers are working on adjustments.

Epic Games are on a roll with their ability to listen to the feedback from its competitive Fortnite community. In the past few weeks, they’ve adjusted the Solo Cash Cup format, laid out plans for competitive Fortnite’s future and have cracked down on disciplining players for rulebreaking. Many players around the community have recently identified the Deadpool Dragacorn Glider as an issue.

The animation for deploying the glider makes it much more difficult to target and hit shots on the player using it. For that reason, the Dragacorn lends an unfair advantage and creates somewhat of a pay-to-win scenario for competitive players. Epic Games addressed these concerns in a recent update on their Fortnite Status Twitter account.

Dragacorn Disabled

According to the Tweet posted earlier today, the Dragacorn Glider has been disabled in the competitive playlists. Players who have the Dragacorn Glider selected will now revert to the default glider while they work on a fix for the animation. Purchasers of the Dragacorn Glider can promptly refund their purchase without the use of a refund token as a result as well.

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For now, at least, players will not be able to utilize the difficult-to-shoot Dragacorn Glider. As a result, they will instead have to use something different. With this decision, Epic Games is continuing a pattern of listening and understanding the outcries of its competitive population.

Another W for Epic Games

It’s always important to temper expectations in these scenarios, but we can at least show a little enthusiasm. Yes, aim assist is still an issue, but these fixes will not happen overnight. The Dragacorn Glider issue was minuscule and Epic Games disabling it and working on a fix noteworthy. They’ve stepped up their game and are willing to work with one of the more difficult communities to satisfy in all of competitive gaming. It will take baby steps for the Fortnite developers to earn back the trust of its backing. But this decision is a reassuring start.

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